China will Become the World’s Largest Fashion & Apparel Market in 2019. Acording to Euromonitor, China will exceed the USA Market and become the world’s largest Clothing & Apparel Market by 2019.

Total Annual apparel sales in China will reach $121 Billion in 2019 (25%Growth per year)

Apparel sales in the USA is estimated at around $120 Billion in 2019(+3% Growth per Year)


The characteristics of the clothing market in China

The big Chinese population makes a huge clothing market. Because of the sustaining rise of the costs (material, transport…), the appreciation of RMB, the slowdown of demand in the domestic and international market and other reasons.


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China Apparel is a Brand Market

In the Chinese clothing industry, the brands in the market can be separated into two different camps according to the consumption structure. The first camp is the high-grade clothing brands. The consumer for this part is the high income group, they are interested in the luxury and they have the ability to buy it, and they have more emphasis on apparel quality and the service. The second camp is the brands for the public following the mass line, such as Uniqlo, ZARA, H&M ,which are fashion and not expensive, they are popular especially for the young consumers.

In China, Branding is Everything

Marketing to China it’s also an Agency

We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

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Local brands VS foreign brands

In the current market, Chinese brands take the leading position in the mass-market segment. Nevertheless, the high-end market is almost entirely occupied by foreign brands, especially French, Italian, American, German, Japanese, etc. Previously, the large shopping malls like in the big cities mainly sell local brands, but with the increase of their positioning and also the influence of the entering of many foreign brands in the Chinese market, many local brands are forced to exit the market of the big cities and moved to the second and third cities.

Right Positioning in China for international Brand is High End 


Buying online has become an essential channel for the clothing market

There are several channels of sale in China, among them, the first channel is the shopping malls (69%) and the second is brand monopolized shops (42%). Most of the sales by these two channels are the clothes of high end or mid-range.

Explosion of E-Commerce in China

Since 2009, the e-commerce of clothing is increasing year by year. In all online shops, clothing occupies 1 /3. In 2017, the sale amount has already reached 605 billion RMB, +49.9 % increase. The three most popular e-commerce websites for clothing are Taobao & Tmall, Jingdong VIP and secoo. And 70 % to 80 % of e-consumers say that they think more the design than the brands.

Tmall & Taobao :


more information about the Chinese e-commerce websites here

Basically, if you want to enter Tmall or Tmall Global

  1. You need to Apply, Tmall is selective and only accept Well know Brands
  2. After you have to give a Deposit
  3. Then you can set up your Stores, and your page
  4. After, you need to manage your Store, animate your page like your own website
  5. You need to reply to questions of clients (or future Clients)
  6. And Attract Traffic, via Advertising or Influencers;

Taobao is for small brands, and individuals.

Taobao cost less and is seeing by Chinese as more amateur, less professional compared to Tmall.

Cloths sold on taobao are also usually cheaper.




WeChat is offering new E-Commerce Solution

Have a WeChat account is kind of Must in China. You have to publish Content and promote it.

You can use Advertising or Community management, kind of Group Sharing.

WeChat Store & Youzan 

Create your store on WeChat and sell via your community. If you do not have the community, build it first then sell.

WeChat ECommerce Mini Programs 

With this new function, WeChat wants to integrate all Apps in the WeChat ECosystem and invite every App to create a Mini App on WeChat to avoid Apple Stores.

E-Commerce via this Mini App can be the future.


Little Red Book (aka RED)

this Chinese Super App is like Instagram. It offers great opportunities for Clothing Brands

1/ Awareness

2/ Image

3/ Engagement

4/ Sell via E-Commerce new platform

All the communication of Little Red Book is based on Influencers.

Examples of KOL (Influencers) on Little Red Book.


How to market a clothing brand in China

1, good positioning is the basis of marketing

Differentiation is a key success factor for the competition that is already very strong in the Chinese clothing market, and a good positioning is the first step in the differentiation competitive strategy. The company can set the target-heart and decide the marketing and the communication strategy only after the definition of an identified and distinguished position.

For example, the brand Zara, a Spanish brand, has set itself a medium-end brand in China, the heart of the target are girls who just start work, so the clothes of Zara are a bit more formal than the other brands for youth, and the price is not very expensive because wages for new workers are not very high.


VIP & Secoo the new challengers

2 players are getting market Shares VIP and Secoo. they are Fashion Websites, that sell products with discounts. They create a community of fashion lovers and want to provide the best of Fashion to their community.

They accept mainly Brands with good awareness, easy to sell, Make Deals with Promotion on new (or Old) collection.

There are not good channels for Marketing.



2 Invest in Digital Marketing, not old fashion Advertising.

Digital is very important in Chinese society nowadays

E-marketing is effective and important for the reputation, image, and business of a brand. There are also some strategies for Digital in China.

Take advantage of interactive websites or forums

In China, there are some interactive websites specifically for girls’fashion, for example, Meilishuo, Mogujie, 55BBS, etc. and some forums such as Douban, Tianya, in which the girls share their favorite things, most of which are clothing. In addition, they also like to surf these sites and find beautiful clothes. So it’s a good way to make the promotion of the brands.

KOL helps with brand awareness

KOL (Key opinion leader ) or influencers are Popular in China.

Many brands of clothing invite stars as their ambassador, especially the brands for young people. Generally, we can remember the brand if the ambassador is the famous star we know well, and the possibility to purchase is greater. In addition, the online brand communication can also take advantage of the online reputation of these stars.

For example, the Chinese clothing brand Metersbonwe invites Jay Chou, who is a pop star who has millions of fans in China. Jay brought about 30 % growth for Metersbonwe in that year.


Communication through Chinese Social Media

Advertise online is a tool effective, economical and capable of touching a wide range of audiences. In addition to the advertising in video sites, another way which is also the hottest right now is the Micro-blogging marketing.

Weibo The Buzz Place & New trends

A good example that gives me the deepest impression of micro-blogging marketing is ” NPC “, which is a brand of fashion. The founder, LI Chen, is a popular TV presenter in China. He promotes mostly his products and stores in Sina Weibo by using his popularity and support of his relationships who also star with many followers, his Weibo page has become the best tool of communication. This brand is very popular nowadays, especially among young people.


New Challenging Social Media : LIttle Red Book & Toutiao

These 2 new social media are taking market share on this Fashion industry. They are more popular among young target and a good place to create Buzz and work on Reputation.

See LittleRedbook Agency


WeChat, the place to be


WeChat is the place to be, but super competitive in 2018. Visibility cost a lot and it is difficult to engage people on your account. the cost of followers breaks a record of 80rmb per (real) Followers. It is complicated to Market a product on WeChat with an important budget for influencers, Advertising or community management. O2O is the cost effective way, but suppose to have retail networks or own Stores and activate the connexion.


Enlarge your Distribution networks

You have to develop your Distribution in China, and to multiplicate the contact point with Chinese clients.

Easy to say, but hard to do.

First step is branding. Yes you have to invest in your branding first , then you can easier develop your Distribution.

  1. Can be Wholesellers Distributors
  2. Retailler, small Shops
  3. Online DIstributors or Personal Shoppers

We can help you on this part, we have solution.

Do you Need a Smart Marketing Agency to Market your Clothing Brand in China?


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  1. Very Interesting article. Local brands in China very developp their sales but not their branding…

    Foreign brands are famous but did they really sale a lot ?

    Branding VS Sales ?

  2. i am a mauritanian and i am a trader in the domain of lux, now i am planning to visit china to seek opportunities on royal wax clothes. i am looking for this. Can you assist me on this ?

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  4. Hello, your WeChat article TOP 8 BUSINESSES OPPORTUNITIES IN CHINA (sic) of Jan 9 2019 states: “Euromonitor figures show China’s adult garment market was worth around RMB1,457.8 billion in 2017, with an increase of 5.2% year-on-year. Market value is expected to reach RMB1,592 billion by 2019.” That number seemed a bit, shall we say, high, and some searching led me to this page, which says “Total Annual apparel sales in China will reach $121 Billion in 2019.” Can you explain the discrepancy between these two figures to me? Thank you.

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