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  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
    We would like to include you among our partners.
    We are looking for business partners in China, the marketing and business consulting sector for a potential cooperation all over the world.
    After 25 years of our praxis in the marketing and business consulting sector we have founded a Marketing Centre in the Czech Republic/ Central Europe, where we join not only the entire marketing methods, findings and knowledge but also our cooperating partners gained during the entire praxis.
    Our partners are individual clients, smaller or middle companies and also big enterprises, which are often interested in international marketing and business help for their activities in different locations all over the world.
    We decided to contact you with our offer for eventual non-binding cooperation.
    We are convinced that our potential partnership will be beneficial for both our parties in course of time.
    In case of your interest in our cooperation in the marketing, business and trade consulting sector please send us your contact to a particular contact person in your organisation and eventually some information about your offer or possibilities for our potential cooperation.
    With kind regards and with joy to our long-term cooperation.

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