We sell Wine but the Chinese want Brands!

Wine is a growing BtC product in China: how do you market your brand among Chinese consumers?

Some years ago, finding a tasty wine in China was almost impossible. Today, while the wine market is not part of Chinese culture, this sector is progressing in the country.


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Chinese consumers are very connected. Indeed, they spend many times on the internet, in order to find new products and especially the promotions around them. In addition, they very sensitive to their community’s minds, their comments, the way they find the information, and its content. Then, if it is so difficult to find a wine in China, it is only because it is not nearby promoted on the internet. Therefore, Chinese consumers are more and more attracted by the wine culture. In fact, it represents refinement, elegance, internationalism and gets therapeutic virtues. Thus, awareness’ campaigns lead by young companies are increasing in China.

You want to promote your wine’s brand in China and you don’t know how to market it? Here are few shares to follow in order to build a strong basis.

Communication thanks to experts

Chinese consumers discovering new products need to trust you. You have to provide clear information with many details about your goods. An expert can help you such as a sommelier or french wine’s professional.

In order to spread your products’ communication, you can share videos online by putting forward the expert and your wine for example.

Don’t hesitate to use QR code

Nowadays in China, the QR code is a new trend way. Actually, in a connected World and with the Wechat revolution, Chinese consumers scan QR codes as soon as possible. Thus, create your own QR code which will provide them all information about your product such as location, how it is cultivated, with what associate it during a meal…


Few communication ways exist

Press relationships (PR): good for your image

Chinese consumers don’t read newspapers anymore. Indeed, they prefer news online. You can sign a contract with an online newspaper and a journalist will write an article about your brand. Also, you can invite them to events around your goods in order to promote your brand.

Wine China

Key Opinion Leader & stars: they have the power to increase the price of the Wine 

It is crucial to encourage positive word-of-mouth. These KOL talk about your brand and it converts Chinese consumers to think in the same way.

Zhaowei is a Star and markets her own Wine Brand. Nobody knows if it is good, but they know it is expensive


Viral Marketing: Stop being boring! 

You have to make buzz ads by putting forward your product and attract Chinese consumers to be curious and like your brand. Indeed, they love entertainment.

Adrien, French Wine Marketer in the middle of journalists, stars and KOL


Positioning your products

Emphasize the wine’s benefits. Indeed, the Chinese customers is more and more sensitive to the food quality’s products. Biological and foreign goods attract them. So, mixing these both features must be effective to your brand.

E-commerce, the future of the Wine distribution 

E-commerce platforms are progressing in China. The most famous is Tmall Global and JD.com which offer marketers to sell their products thanks to e-shop. We notice many startups which are borning and provide their wine to the Chinese population. Moreover, French Cellar takes part of its. This young company sells biological wines which are created by  Arthur Rebut, a French sommelier.

Read more:  “Difficult to find good French Wine in China” Interview of the French Cellar in Shanghai

Alibaba will launch the Wine online fair in Sept 2016

Jack Ma confirmed speculation in the trade about a new, annual Alibaba wine sales day on 9 September


Mister Ma dubbed the new project as a ‘day of wine’ and appears to have taken inspiration from China’s ‘singles day’, on 11 November, which he was also instrumental in popularising as a shopping event in China, akin to Black Friday in the US.

Last year, China’s singles day sales totalled US$14bn, and it has become one of the most important events in the Chinese retail calendar.

The figure nine is pronounced in Chinese as ‘Jiu’, which means alcohol. ‘Jiu’ also stands for longevity and health in traditional Chinese culture. Ma’s concept is to create a variety of online offers annually on this day around wine sold through Alibaba.

Ma recently bought Château de Sours in Bordeaux and Decanter.com understands from trade sources that he will be working with several partners in the Bordeaux region – including actress Zhao Wei who owns Château Monlot – to supply some of the wines that will be offered on 9/9.

The group of investors owns a number of Bordeaux estates, also including Château Preuillac, Château Haut-Mazeris, Château Puy-Guilhem, Château de Sours and Château Mayne Blanc, with plans to buy more over the next few years.

source http://www.decanter.com/wine-news/jack-ma-launch-alibaba-wine-sales-day-china-297454/#b1l0OMG0HziC1wWt.99

If you are interested to open a Tmall Shop … Click here

Social Networks in China 

wechat Wine

You can’t penetrate the Chinese market without creating a Wechat brand account to promote you. Indeed, with 697 million of users, this mobile app represents a big opportunity to launch your activity in China. Don’t hesitate to use Weibo too. Maintain discussions around your products, make your followers publish, share, comment, like your posts ! More information on social Media on Zhongguowine

E-reputation : because when people talk about a Wine, they will try it and buy it ! 

Chinese users are fond of all information they will find about your wines and want to know all details. Be careful ! Content has to be clear and relevant. Then, Chinese consumers loves products’ history especially if it comes from Europe. Insist on casltes, terroirs and historical stories.

What are the reviews about your wine? 99% of Wine makers do not know what Chinese say about them…


Products placement

Your products have to appear in a Chinese Film or an advertisement. It thanks to this way that “Vin de Bordeaux” has been known by the Chinese population.

In TV show now, Wine placement is really really good.

SEO : because Chinese search on Baidu 

Also, you brand have to be referenced on Baidu. Marketing China helps you to write up your content, put adapted backlink, use effective keywords… Thus, Chinese consumers will find directly you when will want to drink some wine in China. more information here

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