In China, each year more than 18 million babies are born and this figure will increase in the coming years with the abolition of the one-child policy. The parental market is rising in the country, the increase in family incomes and the strong awareness of mothers for their babies allows this industry to achieve performances that keep growing.

It is a market on which foreign brand growth can be felt in the face of consumer mistrust in the market, in search of the best quality for their child. This market is constantly evolving, notably due to the technology advances.

You will need to understand and understand Chinese mothers, who behave differently than those in Western countries. Marketing to China it’s also an AgencyWe are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.Contact us Today


Market overview of Mother and Baby care in China

You should probably know that China is the most populous country in the world. With an average of more than 18 million births a year, this makes the country the second largest consumer of maternal and baby products.


We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

The market is changing in terms of attitudes and expectations. The market is getting younger with consumers coming from a Chinese middle class who sees their incomes increasing and consumers increasingly connected to the digital environment that surround them. Consumers post 80/90 are mostly online customers. These age groups are rational consumers where the quality of the products that they buy for their babies takes a very important place in the buying decision.

This factor allows the market to review its prices on the rise and to propose, to innovate in the segment.

Understanding the environment in which consumers operate

mother product ChinaThe emergence of the middle class and the lifting of the one-child policy have allowed the market a new dynamic of growth. Chinese mothers represent one of these opportunities. Nevertheless, as a foreign brand it will be important to understand this category of consumers and their expectations in the market. In the process of purchasing a baby product in China, many actors influence the purchase decision. Grandparents have a weight in the decisions since they will take care of the child, friends, family and outside influences are often taken into account in this system.

The maternal system and the education of a baby in China is different from the one we know because it is carried by a dynamic of awakening and faster development of the child. This brings a real opportunity for brands to renew and offer a wide range of products for parents. For example, babies in China are beginning to eat solid food from 4 months, two months earlier than the international average. Overall, Chinese parents are changing baby products more quickly than in Western countries.

Mother and Baby Care Products in China

There is also an expansion of caesarean section during labor. This method since 2007, is adopted by more than half of the future mothers and has led to the growth of the post-pregnancy care market. It is important to know that, during the period of childbirth, mothers stay at home, avoid activities of any kind and consume foods for their recovery. Knowledge of Chinese pregnancy as a group of consumers must be known to take into account their needs and how the Chinese baby care market is heading.

In addition, safety and product quality are the main concerns of these consumers. The country has suffered several scandals related to example, infant milk or counterfeit products risking the health of babies. Moms are worried and are now turning more towards foreign brands that have gained popularity in the country. Mothers are looking for products made from natural products and meeting health and international safety standards. Foreign brands benefit from a trust and a secure image on the part of these individuals who are willing to pay more for quality and healthier products for their babies.

A market influenced by digital

Consumers of the 1980s, are familiar with online shopping, they are accustomed to buying products online which has fostered the maturity and development of the industry. On average, a mother spends more than 15 minutes online shopping on a website and visits an average of 10 pages during her shopping trip. It should be noted that nearly 80% of them would add products to the basket.

Chinese mothers also like to interact with maternal care marks. They want to download applications related to the baby’s development and well-being and expect brands to interact with them to address their concerns.

Online commerce is developing very strongly in this market. Online sales in China is expected to reach $ 48 billion in 2018. The main way for these mothers to buy online are e-commerce platforms. Tmall is the platform most used by this group of consumers, followed by JD and Dandang.

How to establish your brand in the Chinese market?

Several ways are available to you to market your brand on Chinese soil. In this article we will look at the importance of developing your visibility through a quality site and its referencing as well as the interest of setting up on the e-commerce platforms in China.

Develop your reputation through a quality website

As previously said, consumers in this market are a wary customer who needs to be reassured about the quality of the products offered for the welfare of newborns. A website that presents your company and its products is an indispensable on the market.

To do this, you must present the characteristics generally sought by consumers to attract them and gain their confidence:

  • An intuitive, interactive website with an elegant design
  • Detailed content about your products and your brand
  • Certifications on your products to convey the quality of your products
  • A nice and intuitive website
  • A nice but elegant design
  • A site translated into Chinese and hosted in China
  • High-quality images and videos

Develop your visibility through a good Ranking on Chinese Search Engine 

After tailoring your website to China, you need to optimize your site on the country’s search engines to gain visibility on search results. In China, do not count on Google to win in presence, the international giant is censored in the country. Instead, Baidu is the leader in the country’s search engines with a 70% market share of the searches on the site.

Achieving higher ranking in these results will allow you to register a higher click-through rate and thus generate traffic. SEO is a complex marketing technique but has many advantages when this one is of quality.

When mother search to buy Baby Care products they search online and buy online.


E-commerce platforms in China

One of the easiest and fastest ways to market your products on Chinese territory is to go through the online channel. The advantage of this method is that you do not need to worry about having a sales agent on the ground.

We have seen before that the two flagship platforms of the sector are Tmall and

More information about e-commerce platforms in here 

Online Press Relation

To counter the mistrust of Chinese consumers and be induced to become an expert in your market you need to gain reputation and trust from the target niche vote share. To do this, e-RP will allow you to promote your brand and its products on the Web. This activity will also allow you to improve your SEO.

The best way to use e-PR effectively is to be present on specialized sites in your sector. (see details here)

Gentlemen Marketing Agency

We know that the Chinese world can become complex for companies not present in the country. The Chinese environment is different from what we generally know in our western countries. That’s why Gentlemen, a digital marketing agency based in Shanghai, analyzes marketing trends and gives professionals the best advice to succeed in China.

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  1. Baby care Products and imported baby milk are probably the biggest market for Crossborder in China. I have a Chinese Friends selling for 10 000$ of Products to China via Taobao and WeChat … I can imagine for Professional Companies.

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