Are you a luxury Fashion brand? Are you a big player or a niche brand? Whether you are one or the other, you can definitely benefit from a presence in the Chinese market. In this article, we will see how you can use digital tools to market your luxury fashion brand …

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The Luxury Fashion brand market in China

The luxury good market has been expanding in China since 2015. The market growth was driven by a growing middle class, an improved buying power as well as Chinese stock market good health. According to Euromonitor 2015 Luxury market in China report, the Children’s luxury fashion products is, nowadays, what works best. Several well-known famous international brands such as Dior or Burberry enhanced their children fashion collections. This niche market is growing thanks to the less strict regulation from the Chinese government concerning the one child policy.

Dr Zhou declared to NY Times in an article : “Our research found that 39 percent of wealthy Chinese think the logo is no longer the priority, (…) Niche high-end brands as well as bespoke products, as a result, are becoming new drivers of luxury consumption.”

According to FCI (Fortune Character Institute), US$16.8 billion were spent in 2015 in the Chinese luxury market which an 9% increased compared to the previous year.
There is also the emerge of a new trend in the luxury fashion market in China. Chinese people tend to care less for the brand name and care more for its uniqueness. Several new niche brands such as Alexander Wang are becoming more and more famous among Chinese customers.

Now, I will give you some tips on how to leverage the hyper-connectivity in China and how to raise your brand awareness.

High-quality website and visuals

The first step to an online presence in the Chinese market is having a website. Your website should efficiently represent your fashion luxury brand and present certain characteristics proper to your brand values: Storytelling, products, company’s history, physical stores if any, …
Here are some other tips to ensure that you have the highest quality possible:
• Have your website translated in Chinese
• Provide relevant content (product information, certifications, company’s history, etc.)
• Make it responsive (a responsive design that will adapt to any electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets)
• Use only high-quality images

louis vuitton website
As you can see on this image here, the Louis Vuitton website is very “chic” and well-designed. It also has high-quality images.

High-quality visuals: videos and photos

If you want the Chinese customers to believe in the high quality of your products, you will have to show them only high-quality visuals. You can use studio taken pictures or even post videos. Online video advertising is becoming more and more popular because of TV commercials high prices and the fact that half of the Chinese population is connected to the internet. Based on Emarketer’s data, about 13% of the total digital ad revenue in 2016 (US$40 billion of digital advertising spending) are allocated to online mobile video advertising.

Fashion Key Opinion Leaders and online celebrities

haibao kol
The best way to approach Chinese customers and raise your brand awareness in China is by collaborating with people that Chinese customers believe in. A key opinion leader is a person with a high amount of following on Chinese main social media and/or have a strong influence on their audience.
These KOLs can be actors, singers or any online celebrities you feel will fit your fashion luxury brand’s values. China is in the digital age and many online celebrities were “born” in 2000’s.


王鸥 (wang ou) also called Angel Wang is a well-known celebrity in China. She has more than 3 million followers on Weibo.
The luxury brand Coach is a good example. They launched a promotion campaign on two of the main Chinese social media platforms: WeChat and WeiBo. WeChat Coach followers had to type the following characters摩登纽约客 (Modern New Yorker) in order to receive the 9 pieces of a LeeHom puzzle on WeiBo. After receiving the puzzle, the follower had a chance to finally win an officially signed Lee Hom poster.

High-quality PR luxury webzine

Improving your reputation and brand awareness must be done the right way. If you want to be more visible, the platforms you use should be carefully picked. There are several luxury webzines in China which can help you to share and promote your fashion luxury brand to Chinese customers.

You have, for example,, a women dedicated lifestyle, and fashion online magazine. It was created 10 years ago by Zhou Jun and has now more than 7 million members and more than 13,000 visits per month. They also have an alternative for men fashion brands called The main topics are fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. The main target readers are upper-class Chinese women.


Another website is HaoBao, online fashion magazines with more than 1,2 million members which offer to its members and visitors lookbooks, fashion trends and tips. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 members sign in at least once a week on the platform.

You also have foreign-origin websites such as Vogue China and Elle China. The best way to gain some popularity is by either offering a guest post or collaborating with these online magazines to smartly promote your product in their articles.
Social media and e-reputation

Javier Calvar, COO of Albatross Global Solutions located in Shanghai told Emarketer during an interview, “about 75% follow brands online. And about eight out of nine want to be contacted by brands after they purchase from those brands. ”

He also stresses the fact that social media should be an additional tool and does not replace any other physical touchpoints with the customer.


Source: Mulberry wechat account

An example is Mulberry which invited their Chinese followers to send a message to their love partner through WeChat on Valentine’s Day. If the Chinese person received a message he could go to a Mulberry store to get a personalised leather bracelet.
WeiBo, the Twitter-like platform is also a good place to spread the word about your luxury brand. The best way to use it is through key opinion leaders. Because of the importance of the Guan Xi which deeply rooted in the Chinese culture, Chinese people strongly value their acquaintances, friends, relatives and online community members opinions.

To conclude, you can see that whatever is the size of your fashion luxury brand, you will have the opportunity to develop your business in China by using some effective tools that will create more touch points with the Chinese customer.



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