In the fashion and luxury industry, LVMH is acknowledged for its cutting edge products, innovative way of designing and visualizing new trends… Breaking news !  Guerlain, a subsidiary of the LVMH corporate Group, has launched a limited edition fragrance of only One piece all around the world.


China e-commerce luxury : an inspiring reference


Called “Secret de La Reine”, the perfume is made up of exactly 14 carats of diamonds in which multiple accessories such as jewelry, watch and necklace were included in a premium package. The perfume has been purchased by one buyer on Tmall’s luxury platform from Qingdao, the sailing city reputed for a “get away” atmosphere, for a breaking record of 3.6 Million RMB. An incredible gift for Guerlain’s first anniversary of activities inauguration on Tmall Flagship store.


It unveils an implacable fact : Tmall is currently showcasing the B2C strengths of Mainland China and the ever-lasting progress tailored development on the Retail and Fashion industry. It influence sphere is growing at a fast pace, so that it allure every kind of fashion investors and luxury fashion brands are adapting their strategy, a more scalable one, to start a business in this platform. China e-commerce may become the upcoming mainstream reference, so it’s common sense that International luxury companies value the image and the presence of their branding as well as optimizing their activity on online platforms to promote their luxury goods through specific targeting and advertising.


Upcoming challenge : turning Singles’ Day 11/11 into Fashion promotional gala

Recently, it was decided that Singles’ Day has to be engraved in the Chinese stone. Since Alibaba’s vision has exceeded all expectations, Tmall is bring more and more Chinese overseas brands and Chinese consumers living abroad as well as new segments embodied by SME’s businesses (entertainment, cloud, communication and logistics…).

This day is a great opportunity for Chinese people, especially shoppers can purchase products in an outstandingly low price. Not only it’s related to a warm online shopping festival, Tmall perfectly emphasis one saying, back from old days : “making fore less selling for more”. In the same way, many brands’ position and presence is brightening thanks to “Tmall Collection”, a broadcasted fashion show in China Mainland, in which international luxury attractiveness are covered. Victoria’s secret, Adidas, Guerlain, Pandora… the list has to be updated quite often as newcomers are ringing the bell to start their business in Tmall.


As a result, in only one-year length, Guerlain has gained more than 1.1 million with sales exceeding the forecasts. Marketing strategy and branding awareness were so well handled and spread that no more evidence is needed to display the fashion incremental revolution on E-commerce. (source)

Fashion show is a great alternative to online video platforms and has some complementary features. Back to September 2016, a Chinese Star was attributed to be the spokesperson, a real ambassador for Guerlain in China. As a Key Opinion Leaders, he is considered to be part of the category of influencers with a huge fan base, succeeded to allure consumers over a new trend luxury product. Mesmerized viewers can buy what their eyes see and believe afterwards.


Tmall : An another luxury platform

Aware of Tmall ascension in this online business, Toplife, launched by, is determined to be a credible alternative to luxury brands and representatives. For retailers and shoppers, it can be more than a mere temporary initiative : giving a better value of offline luxury through user experience and existing stores.

Same goes for international luxury brands aiming to establish in the long-run in China, as long as they are permitted to open flagship stores with a sustainable connection to the targeted customers. Knowing your customer is what drive your business, with tailored delivery services with high-end expectations and results. Delivery services is performing better, Chinese consumers will naturally muster. Italian brands are the most represented, such as Emporio Armani and La Perla.


Online Business is the future of luxury in China


Luxury is basically an inessential, desirable item that is expensive and difficult to obtain. It’s a motivating reason to invest in this market as Chinese consumers are seeking for the products as valuable as possible, alluring and shining ones to make a clear difference. Since the foresight envisioned that global luxury good are expected to overcome the bare of 250€ billion in 2017, the stakes are bigger and these consumers will be the focal point.

Beforehand, luxury brands’ strategies weren’t stressed on E-commerce online flows and transactions, as they wanted to preserve the elegant and stylish side that suits more one category in particular. Digital disruption has not to be neglected, delivering luxury experience for online tech-savvy users are meaningful and relevant, encompassing a well-built storytelling and branding.

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