Due to WeChat’s success, Luxury brands are increasing their presence on the social media platform in order to attract more consumers.

In order to be efficient on WeChat, luxury brands have to understand the Chinese social network.

During the last two decades, due to the rise of purchasing power and the imitation of the Western lifestyle, China has become an attractive market for high-end products. The constant necessity of show prestige and high level to others, is the main reason why Chinese people desire luxury goods.

consommatrice luxe chinoise

Internet is an important part of the Chinese daily life. In China, there are 600 million internet users and majority have access to Internet through their mobile devices. This trend has been a revolution for the Chinese market and has changed the marketing strategies of the companies.

According to Chinese consumers, social media are the most trustworthy source of information!

The e-commerce increase has boosted the luxury goods sales, however potential consumers spend more time seeking information and opinions about the products before purchase. For Chinese customers, social media platforms are the essential tools to get brand information in order to make purchasing decisions. That is the reason why brands have to focus their efforts and marketing strategies into the social networks.


WeChat is the most popular messaging platform in China with over 368 million active users monthly, you have to use this to your advantage and ensure that your content is seen by monthly active users that could be interested by your product offer. 

These past few months, many fashion and luxury brands have opened a Wechat account, as reported by Fashionbi’s marketing research. The reason of its growing importance is that Wechat enables brands to have a one-to-one communication with their followers.

WeChat is an effective tool for brands in order to share information and latest news with their followers. A marketing trend in WeChat presents new products and promotions, creates exclusive content and games to engage followers.


 Wechat offers a unique brand experience

WeChat allows brands to offer a complete brand experience through the creation of a full mini-website. Companies can create brand stores where items are sold directly on Wechat via its payment service. Since the launch of WeChat’s Weidian, brands are able to use WeChat like an e-commerce channel.

Luxury companies use WeChat for a wide range of reasons like providing a high quality customer care service, or increasing brand exposure. The solutions provided by the brands were auto-response, live chat and store locator

Before joining WeChat, brands should have a deep understanding what the tools and features of the social platform are. For instance, there are two different kinds of official WeChat accounts:

  • Subscription account: through this type of WeChat account, brands can post their contents more frequently, therefore is the favorite by media. Brands such as Burberry, Gucci or Audi have opened subscription accounts.
  • Service account: this account is mainly intended for consumer brands due to its several tech capabilities. There are many brands as LeCoultre, Louis Vuitton, and Piaget that have this type of account.

When brands are thinking about opening an official account on WeChat they have to weight each type of account’s pros and cons. For instance, brands have to evaluate the number of messages that they want to post as well as the e-commerce capabilities they need in order to choose the right account.

WeChat has become a powerful platform to engage costumers and ultimately boost your sales. Nowadays, it is very important for brands to interact with their costumers and Wechat makes it possible.

It is very important for brands to have a presence in social media platforms to improve their visibility. If your company wants to expand their presence or improve it, contact us.




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