It is well-known that luxury industry is enter in cold age these years. China, as the largest luxury consumption market, the number of luxury real-stores are decreasing as well. Under this marketing situation, luxury brands have to made themselves close to public.

WeChat, the hottest social media platform in China these years, has taken more and more attentions from luxury brands.

Today we will give some case study about luxury brands’ WeChat marketing in this article.

Personalized Customization: Improve the Consumption Experience

BRAND: Longchamp

EVENT: Individual bags customization

Longchamp is a luxury brand from French. This year, it opened customization service on WeChat.

Customers could choose the style, color, size, shoulder straps and character applique themselves on WeChat at anytime. And they could finish the payments through WeChat.

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BRAND: Burberry

EVENT: WeChat user can order their own individual name ornament card

Burberry, a UK luxury brand, made cooperation with WeChat, provide the customization service to the subscription users on their WeChat account. Customers can order ornament at anytime with their Chinese or English name on it.


If you can get the products you love, Would you like to shopping in the big mall again with high-heels?

Interaction within WeChat Games: Improve participation degree of customers


EVENT: WeChat games, predict your lucky number

One of the hottest luxury brand, YSL, promote a number game on WeChat and Weibo to predict players’ lucky numbers in October. The exploration of lucky at the last season of 2016 was predicted by talented spirit of several, Evelyne Lehnoff.

People can get their own lucky number after you plus your birth month, days and 9. There were many females engaged in this games. They participate in, leave messages and share with their friends.


Could you read a article in 5 minutes? How about a little game?

Limited version: Attract customers


EVENT: The limited version bag for Chinese Valentine’s Day was sale on WeChat

Dior had posted a article about the Chinese Valentine’s Day on its official WeChat account, ‘Lady Dior Small the Chinese Valentine’s Day limited version, will be sale in online shop’.

From Dior’s words, this handbag just sale on WeChat in limited time and limited number, specially for Chinese Valentine’s Day. This action became the best innovation in luxury industry.


You like to wear as same as other people, or just want something individual and unique?

Buy Available Immediately After Fashion Show: The unique consumption experience


EVENT: Fashion show live in WeChat, and goods were all available immediately after live.

At 08, September of 2016, the fall/winter fashion show of TOM FORD 2016 stared in Seagram Building. At the same time, TOM FORD opened the live show on WeChat as well.

This fashion show mode brought the different consumption experience to customers. Customers could buy any clothes, shoes, handbags and jewellry that they have seen on live show immediately through WeChat shop.


If you want to possess the one, which you like during the show, immediately?

Ads through H5: Productive in lead generation


EVENT: Ads through H5,  N 5 were put on sale through H5

Nowadays, the information ads on WeChat mainly contained two styles: ‘content + pictures + backlinks’ and ‘content + video + backlinks ’. H5 is the most familiar and popular tool that lead to the backlinks.

The posts from official account or the ads in the moments will lead to the well-designed H5 page.


Do you remember the H5 ads of Zhiqian Xue on WeChat?


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