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How to find reliable business partners and potential investors in China?

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How do we help you to find Chinese investors?

PR campaign

We focus on public relations and press release to build your reputation in China.

Chinese Website and Baidu SEO

We optimise your website for Baidu SEO, China’s top search engine.

Forums + Q&A platforms

We create buzz and engage with Chinese community to build brand awareness and credibility.


We work on the branding of your company, so that it becomes clear and familiar to all Chinese investors and potential consumers.

Chinese Social Media Marketing

We create and manage official social media accounts for your brand and create engaging content for target audience.


We focus on engaging photo and video content, organize online events, live-streams, KOL collaborations etc.

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How do we find a perfect Chinese investor?

B2B China - baidu sem

Increase your visibility on Baidu

Trust never comes by default in China. You’ll have to gain visibility and a good e-reputation in your field. That’s why we focus on developing a good Chinese website and optimise in for Baidu SEO. We optimise your site for Chinese Internet users and make sure to use all the keywords, in order to drive traffic and generate leads.

Social media marketing strategy

WeChat is the first step in converting your prospects. As a flagship application in the Chinese market, you need to be familiar with its use in a professional setting to help you promote your offers. In addition, we offer through social media strategy for other platforms, including Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Zhihu, Toutiao and more.

PR campaigns

PR campaigns are especially important, as they help you gain good reputation in your field. Good PR attracts high-quality investors in China, so it’s important to develop a well-crafted PR strategy to increase your credibility. Native online media and news platforms have worked together over the past few years, offering plenty of opportunities for corporate storytelling and effective media relations.

chinese social media & q&a - Zhihu

Forums + Q&A platforms

The biggest forums in mainland China are Zhihu,, Baidu Tieba, Douban… Considered as a Quora copycat, Zhihu has become China’s biggest knowledge-sharing platform. We offer under-cover marketing on those apps, official accounts management and paid advertising campaigns.

Find Chinese Investors - Frequently Asked Question

Is being a foreign company enough to find a chinese investor?

It is not the key to success here. Big or small, if no one has ever heard of you in China and you don’t plan to work on it, you are set for failure.

Why do I need a joint venture in China?

With capital control in China, companies are less and less inclined to invest in foreign markets. This does not, however, apply to services facilitating the growth of the country.

Why is Wechat essential to find a chienese investor?

WeChat is the most widely used social network in China. It looks like Facebook but offers more features like booking a hotel room, buy movie tickets, pay their electricity bill or telephone, book a table at a restaurant, etc. Companies can create an official account or Wechat H5 brochure. A WeChat account allows social network users to subscribe to news related to the company’s activities. WeChat is t a must for companies that want to increase their presence in China.

Why do I need good storytelling in China?

Storytelling requires creativity, vision, and skill, and it has become a crucial component of the most successful marketing campaigns. It sets apart vibrant companies from simple businesses and loyal consumers from one-time, stop-in shoppers. A good story, well told, can increase the awareness of your audience and give them a sense of personal connection with the teller. Focus on the audience for a true connection. Be authentic: Stories inspire emotional connections. It is a powerful method for learning about the brand’s legacy.