Longchamp has to face many competitors in the luxury goods such as Louis Vuitton or Gucci market. It is hard for this brand to obtain the exclusivity in this sector and to differentiate. However, the famous Longchamp handbags plan to conquer the young Chinese women by opening stores in the major cities of China .

Longchamp in China

The brand is increasingly appreciated by the Chinese today. Longchamp moved to China in 2006 and now has 20 stores in the Chinese territory. In 2013 , the brand has closed two stores but opened 6 in the country.

longchamp china

The company does not want to reveal to the public the number of store openings planned in China, but there are many opportunities. Indeed, it is important to find an effective selling point to reach the most consumers. The malls are very numerous in China and quickly restored if they become obsolete.

In addition, Longchamp handbags are considered luxury bags that everyone can not afford to offer. The most sold bags are still the ” foldable bag ” which starts at a price of EUR 100 (USD 138) and leather bag at 370 euros (USD 510). This is the segment that works with most of the Chinese population , especially the middle class. Its most dangerous competitors are Furla and Lancel , large European luxury brand.


Chinese consumers, including Hong Kong and Taiwan , have become the second largest customers for Longchamp after the French . Last year, sales in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong increased by 26 %.

Founded in 1948, Longchamp is one of the last independent family brand that offers French leather bags. The brand is present worldwide and known for its logo with a jockey on a horse race.


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