London is the number one market for Chinese students

United Kingdom is hoping to atrract more overseas students to the country in order to boost its economy.

The United Kingdom has been a popular destination for Chinese students due to  its many acclaimed and prestigious academic institutions.

The number of Chinese people studying in London is rising and U.K will welcome them with open arms, indeed  Chinese students contribute around 2 billion to England´s economy. As reported by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, there are over 67.000 Chinese students in the Uk while India only has 39.000 of them. With record numbers, China is the largest provider of overseas students to the U.K. In 2014 the number of applications from Chinese hopeful students to British universities rose of 7 percent.


The British government is trying to lure in more Chinese students because they help to maintain London’s status as a leading global centre for education. The reason why London has more Chinese students studying there than any other foreign city is due to the high-level of London’s universities. Chinese parents desire an international background for their children and decide to send them to England to study.Schooling is the main concern for Chinese parents and they spend as much as possible in order to get a high education for their kids.


London Design schools, University of the Arts,Royal College of Music, Kings College, St. Central Martins, Royal College of Art and also the London School of Economics, are some of the more demanded British institutions by Chinese students. England’s government  is keen to attract them even though the fees for foreign students at British universities can reach to £27,000 a year. It is well known that British universities are producing innovative scientists, business leaders and expert doctors. This is the reason why London is the number one market for China’s students.

Once they are in United Kingdom, the students´ families buy everything that they could need in order to settle their academic year. Their parents sometimes even buy flats to the overseas students. In addistion, the students also spend additional money on fashion items or accessories for themselves.


Chinese tourists spend around  $1.075 in department stores and luxury shops. This amount is three times more than other tourists.That means that Chinese students are spurring London’s economy. Knowing this, Chinese students are more welcome in London than ever and they are willing to go because U.K. is at the cutting edge of innovation and creativity and boasts some of the highest specialist institutions.


Chinese students in U.K.

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