Little Red Book officially launches the RED brand partner platform

RED, a new social media platform, has officially launched and is looking for content creators to become brand partners.

RED offers a unique opportunity for content creators to share their stories and connect with brands. With its user-friendly interface and wide range of features, RED is perfect for businesses and young people alike.

Learn more about how your business can join RED today!

The official advertising marketing platform of Little Red Book

On the landing page of the brand partner platform, Little Red Book provides the entrance of the brand identity, content cooperation agency, and blogger triple identity. Clicking on the brand side can jump to the official advertising marketing platform of Little Red Book, MCN clicks to view the resident information, and the clicker can enter the personal details page to view the performance of his detailed notes.

The “Personal Details” tab of the Kol page

In the “Personal Details” tab of the Kol page, in addition to the basic information of Kol’s content tags, fans, notes, and prices, you can also see the average reading of the last 30 days of notes. Higher-order interactive information such as number, the average number of impressions, the average number of favorites, the average number of comments, the average number of likes, and the average number of shares. If you have already promoted the cooperation with the brand account you have settled in, you will display the past “Business Notes Performance” below, and the marketing interaction data will be understood at a glance.

This is not the first time that a RED Kol has come into contact with his real business content data. Previously, Kol could view its brand cooperation data in Little Red Book’s database. But it needs to be viewed by articles, not enough at a glance, and the data category is not as complete as the webpage background.

In the “Personal Details” tab, Kol can quote the notes on their own and set whether they are visible to the brand. It is worth noting that Kol can only modify the price of the offer once in a natural month.

The “Brand List” tab

In the “Brand List” tab, the person can view the “brand account” that has already settled in Little Red Book. The account number is sorted according to the initial letter A-Z. Each page displays 15 brands, totaling 244 pages. It can be estimated that there are about 3660 brands already on the market.

At present, the brand is still unable to directly see the data of Kol’s notes, but this is an inevitable trend. In the next step, Little Red Book will directly open the brand side with MCN/Kol through the “brand partner platform” to achieve transparent data and transparent quotations.

It is worth noting that Xiaohongshu has already paved the way for today through “brand partners” and “brand accounts”. Previously, brands that wanted to promote their business on Little Red Book needed to join the official “brand account” of Little Red Book, and Kol had to apply to become the “brand partner” of Little Red Book’s official certification. Applicants must also satisfy the fans number is greater than 5000, and the average reading number of notes in the past month is more than 1000.

Little Red Book Kol, who has become a brand partner, needs to click on “Advanced Options” to select all and correct brand names when posting commercial promotion notes. Notes will automatically become brand cooperation notes. In addition, if the co-branded party has not yet opened a brand account certified by Little Red Book, it will not be able to launch commercial promotion content in Little Red Book, and the related cooperation notes cannot be released through the brand cooperation reporting system. Kol needs to indicate the stakes in the body of the note, otherwise, it will be subject to restrictions on the exposure of the notes or account.

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