This content has gone viral on Kuaishou

Creating the right content for your social media communication is fundamental. Companies must be up to date with new trends in order to market their products in a proper way; also, must know what kind of content works better for an app before including it in their marketing strategy. Thus, that’s why we decided to talk about Kuaishou ’s most popular content today.

Before reading about viral content on Kuaishou, here is an intro to the app

Kuaishou was born as Gift-making tool in 2011. However, over the years, it has become a famous video-sharing app and, consequently, the arch-rival of Douyin (Douyin is the original version and the current official version of TikTok in China).

With a year-on-year growth of 49% in revenue, a number of about 170 million daily active users, and the recent news about its incredibly raised IPO at the Hong Kong stock exchange, Kuaishou is definitely a protagonist in the Chinese digital world. That’s why companies should consider marketing to Chinese customers through Kuaishou.

Not only this, there are several reasons behind its effectiveness. We can analyze these reasons through a quick comparison between Kuaishou and Douyin.

Douyin VS Kuaishou

Kuaishou algorithm usually provides users with the content of their following base. This means that content creators on Kuaishou should work a lot to maintain their follower base. At the same time, their following base is very loyal, look at them as friends and trust what they said since they are seen as more genuine and sincere than those of many more commercial apps. In fact, according to different surveys, Kuaishou users prefer to follow “normal people” rather than VIP content. In conclusion, if you are thinking to do influencer marketing with Kuaishou, the best solution is without a doubt rely on Key Opinion Costumers, aka KOCs (read this article about KOC marketing if you have no idea about who they are).

On the contrary, Douyin algorithm works better to build awareness. That’s because it shows new trendy content and is better for doing advertising. Companies invest a lot in Ads and KOL marketing in order to let their content become viral on the app.

Another important difference is linked to the target. The two apps are both very popular in China, but Douyin is one of the favorite apps in first tiers cities, whereas Kuaishou owes its success to the popularity it has in lower tiers cities and rural areas. The two both mainly target young Chinese, especially those under 30 years old.

Finally, the last difference has to do with eCommerce. Kuaishou guarantees more integration with other eCommerce platforms, which results in a better service offer compared to Douyin. But we don’t want to dwell on this matter, so if you are curious about it, you can read “Brands should not ignore Kuaishou, here is why”

This content has gone viral on Kuaishou

Internet has always been home to more or less enterntaining challenges. In the west, the phenomena has intensify on Tiktok with numerous dance and singing challenges. China is not lagging behind when it comes to it, and the least when can say is that Kuaishou users loves to show off their creativity. Scrolling the newsfeed we have recently noticed a new way Kuaishou user have fun on the app.

screen shot of the final result of photo editing – the whole video show the process of getting the picture.

Where does this challenge is coming from? It did not take much scrolling to see videos promoting a photo editing app with fun editing.

Don’t understand Chinese? The video explains how to use a Chinese app to edit photos for the purpose above mentioned. It is “一甜相机yitian xiangji.

By the way, this is just the latest trend and the app, and by the time you read the article, you might have already missed it; however, the app promotion was pretty smart. UGC (users generated content), is highly organic and a lot more engaging than company ads.

The most popular content on Kuaishou

According to the “2020 semi-annual report about the content of Kuaishou”, these are the most popular topics people post and follow in the platform:

Content related to Covid 19 pandemic

The most appreciated content is about “real life”. So, due to the pandemic new situation, the most appreciated content creators told how they faced the pandemic. These are a couple of farmers, a doctor, a UFC world champion, a takeout delivery man, a singer.

Source: 199IT

Here a list of the most appreciated content creators:

  • 登上时代封面的外卖小哥
  • 朝阳冬泳怪鸽
  • 余昌平医生
  • MMA张伟丽
  • 小英夫妻:温州一家人
  • 周同学

Content about cooking tutorials

Source: 199IT

Here the list of the most popular food on Kuaishou during the lockdown

  1. homemade cold noodles
  2. milk tea
  3. hot noodles
  4. homemade cake
  5. cold starch jelly
  6. homemade spicy snacks
  7. chicken wings
  8. xiaolongbao

Other very popular content on Kuaishou

  • Education-related content (different online educational platforms collaborate with Kuaishou)
  • Sports-related content, from hula hooping to basketball, the list is infinite
  • Game-related content, Kuaishou report highlights how users particularly appreciate “best games rankings”, “tutorials”, and “funny video”
  • Content that shows pets, especially dogs and cats

In Conclusion: The strength of Kuaishou is its Users Generated Content

The best way to create content on Kuaishou for brands is to rely on User Generated Content. Especially KOCs, only them can appear realistic and empathic and always know what is the latest trend on the platform.

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