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Kols Sponsored post

Create content and your KOL by sharing it on its platform. It can be banner ads, video text. One of the most common sponsored posts on WeChat is the banner ads for instance. A Kol can sponsor your product services via videos like our YouTuber do in the west etc. This is usually less expensive than a product review allowing you to use more KOL for more visibility.

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Give away & contest

Engage consumers with your products. Give away campaigns are excellent to get attention and it allows your Kol followers to try out your products by themselves. It gives both your Kol and your brand credibility. The contests are perfect to create the buzz around your brand. Your Kol community will engage more easily and more actively. It is rewarding for the consumers & adds excitement to their journey to discovers your brand.

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Kols Product review

Get a KOL to write a review of your product/service. It can be a dedicated article, a paragraph in an article, a video, a short video, a shopping note on Xiaohongshu for instance… We pick a Kol, a platform, and a format that will suit your project the most and make sense within your global marketing strategy.

Micro-influenceurs et KOCs

Chinese influencers and KOCs are “public” personalities who have gained influence with brands in recent years. Micro-influencers and KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers) are, as their name suggests, influencers with a smaller audience than Stars or Kols, but don't be fooled by their number of followers. Indeed, there's a reason we're mentioning them here: Micro-influencers are cheaper than Stars and Big Kols. They work very hard to please their community. They have fewer referrals, which makes them more authentic in the eyes of consumers. This means that even on a small budget, you can hire an influencer. Since you pay less, you can hire multiple Kols and reach different audiences. Your micro-influencer will spend more time interacting with their community and answering any questions they may have about your brand. Important interaction in order to build a relationship of “proximity” and trust with your audience.

KOLs: Key Opinion Leaders

Public relations are handled by opinion leaders on social media, billboards, and paid ads. Kols are available on any platform that exists, they are creative people who can tailor their content to make it appealing to their subscribers, no matter what industry they specialize in. While this type of collaboration is an incredible tool in reaching your target audience, working with a Kols is no easy feat. In addition, many "fake" influencers are joining the dance, making the task of choosing a Kol even more complicated for foreign brands. An agency like ours has a network of KOLs in various sectors as well as a team that is still working to develop this network.

Work with Chinese Stars?

While it is tempting to collaborate with stars, be aware that unless you are a well-known brand or have a big budget, this might not be the best option for you. However, when this type of collaboration works, the results are fruitful. You will sell thousands of units in a matter of minutes. These stars are seen as experts and can have a huge impact on a brand's reputation in China.

Kols Marketing in China - Frequently Asked Question

What is a KOL?

KOL or Key Opinion Leaders are peoples with a strong influential power on a group of consumers. Chinese KOLs are particularly powerful.

Why should I use KOL for my marketing in china?

Chinese KOLs have the trust of the consumers compare to brands. Many years of scandals & counterfeit have led to the emergence of strong online communities where KOL are very influential.

How to easily find a Chinese KOL?

There are many types of KOL from stars to micro-influencer and also many fakes. We have a dedicated KOL team as well as KOLs partnerships to help you find your perfect match.

On which app can I use Kols in China?

Weibo, douyin, WeChat, Youku, Meipai, Douban, Xiaohongshu, Toutiao etc

Is live streaming in China a solution for my brand?

Just like when working with stars, your brand status and budget will play a big role in your success if you decide to go this route. You don’t have to jump into live streaming right away.