Kim Kardashian China’s Livestreaming: 150,000 Perfume sold

Livestreaming is not new in China, but it has recently become a mainstream way of shopping that can offer foreign brands sales and viewership, a quick boost of revenue.

This Wednesday Tmall Global, an online shopping platform owned by Alibaba, the internet giant that also owns Taobao and Alipay, announced that it plans to recruit and train 2,000 influencers in a “Global Influencer Ecosystem” to sell international goods to Chinese consumers. It already has 500 recruits from 10 countries with Kim Kardashian West included.

On the same day Kardashian – the reality TV star, social media icon, and businesswoman – sold out of the stock of her name-brand KKW perfume in just a few minutes during a Livestream with help from China’s top key opinion leader, Viya Huang, drawing 13 million viewers to mark her entry into the China market via cross-border e-commerce site Tmall Global.

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According to an Alibaba report, her  KKW fragrances, packed in bottles shaped like red or hot pink lips were sold in the amount of 150, 000 at $ 47 each in a matter of seconds.


Chinese influencers are here to help brands

But in truth, Kardashian West one hour live streaming from New York would not be able to sell such quantities within minutes in China, without help from local KOL Viya, which did most of the selling. It is not easy to impress Chinese consumers without knowledge of the Chinese language and local culture.  Local KOLs are familiar with the platform and understand that fans want something functional with a bargain like discounted coupons, free shipping, etc. It is smart to take into account, that live streaming with KOL influencers in China is always helpful for promoting imported brands.

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During the live broadcast, there were links added to KKW perfumes so that viewers could buy with a few taps. This is a very common business tactic, as live streaming has become a significant way for brands to reach Chinese online shoppers.

“Livestreaming used to be just one option for brands looking to reach Chinese consumers in new and engaging ways,” Alvin Liu said. “But now, because it has become so integral to how people shop here, it’s incredibly important for any brand that wants to be successful in this market.”

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“Kim, you really need to give us more stock” Viya joked, while one of her staff showed Kim the latest sales record. All 150,000 bottles were sold out within minutes of live streaming.

In China KOL´s have a lot of power to expose your product to the awareness of Chinese buyers. By using the Chinese language and knowing how to play in the Chinese market, it is very possible that your product will have great sales success. Without having the right influencer for your product, you will most likely fail.

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