Kidswear Market in China : New Opportunities for Luxury Brands

Why Kidswear in China is the Next Big Market for Luxury Brands? The Kidswear market is estimated at 1.4 billion USD globally, according to “Euromonitor “. In China, the segment is rising and gets a 7%  of increase per year reaching 145 billion RMB Chinese children’s day is celebrated each June 1st, and this year, it has almost created more buzz than Saint valentine’s Day. On this special day, almost every kindergarten and elementary school will have a half-day off to celebrate the festival with kids and their parents.

Luxury Childrenswear in China: The Next Big Opportunities for Luxury Brands

As the average revenue increased in recent years in China, consumers’ appetite for fashion and high-end goods has also grown. It seems that luxury is one kind of love for Millennial Parents. Over the past week, many luxury brands have published creative and innovative marketing campaigns on WeChat to catch Chinese parents’ eyeballs and build connections. Let’s see some examples.

Luxury Market for Kids is a booming Market and Chinese Wealthy Mums really like to Buy Luxury Clothes for their Child. We will analyze how luxury Brands are tapping into Digital to reach their target audience.

Longchamp: a campaign toward « maturing kids »

Actually, the main reason for the success of Children’s Day isn’t only due to children. Adults or young adults also join in the fun. In the Longchamp campaign, they are named “maturing kids”. Longchamp focuses on a family gathering and suggests parents buy their signature nylon bag.

Longchamp has been using the WeChat mini-program to allow consumers to customize the bags in a way more convenient. Consumers can choose the size, the color, and the style to make their personalized model.

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The campaign is currently viewed by 7,343 readers. Interested ones were guided to enter the Longchamp WeChat store, following the links provided in the campaign. After the customization, they can place orders directly on the app. Also, if consumers order more than two Longchamp nylon bags before June 1, they may receive two admission tickets (one adult, one kid) to Shanghai Disneyland, entering a lottery launched by Longchamp.

Ralph Lauren: inspiration through a “Children’s Day Gift List”

The American fashion brand Ralph Lauren use to promote its polo over the Chinese network. But this time, the brand chose a more emotional way to connect with its consumers by sending a WeChat post “Children’s Day Gift List” a few days before June 1st.

Its campaign included a lot of photos, and aim to direct online consumers to visit Ralph Lauren’s physical stores in China. Readers can see a map that shows nearby Ralph Lauren store locations via  Wechat.

For June 1 and 2, its major stores will be decorated and the layout will be set up to provide children a special experience. Ralph Lauren’s store managed to be a destination for the Children’s day celebration, where kids could do colored painting and drawing.

Dior: collaboration with “Chinese baby Dior”

Christian Dior invited four popular kids in China, namely Heidi, Tian Duoduo, Nino, and Lucas to feature in the holiday campaign. Those kids gained fame from “Where are we going,  Dad?”, a Chinese reality TV show which has become a massive rating hit. They are also very appreciated by a lot of Chinese people.

The children were pictured posing in Baby Dior outfits in front of the camera. They all looked quite delighted and cheerful, making Baby Dior products appealing to parents.

The WeChat post has currently been viewed by 50,844, with 153 readers liking it. In the end, Dior put its official website where readers can find more information on its products.  The campaign was presented on Weibo, the most used platform for micro-blogging in China.

Burberry: Fashion show through WeChat’s Window

The title of Burberry’s WeChat Campaign was “who said that fashion is only for adults?”. Burberry showed some fashionable cuties dressed in Burberry’s clothes. The main photo shows a girl with Burberry’s signature trench coat, posed in front of the camera.

Under each picture, there is a direct purchasing link that allows interested readers to place orders. WeChat integrates e-commerce features to link the brand’s communication and activities.

The campaign has been viewed 22,701 times.

Why do brands choose  WeChat?

Wechat is the most used app in China

With over 1 billion monthly active users, WeChat is the most popular app in China. Both Chinese and foreign people like it. Today, if you have to come to China, it is a necessity to download and learn to use Wechat.

WeChat is a great tool for O2O (Online-to-offline)

In the beginning, it was an app used for communication but it has developed a lot of features until now. This app is essential for Chinese consumers to keep in touch with their contact, to follow and share information. As Chinese people are spending most of their time online, brands have to go online to catch them. Even Luxury brands can’t only rely on their physical campaigns or good word-of-mouth.

WeChat’s ecosystem is like a goldmine

Companies are seeking to develop their own mini program to offer their consumers new experiences and more efficient ways to purchase.

It is possible to create a WeChat official account for your company in order to build a community with your target consumer and share information. You can lead them into your offline activities by advertising on WeChat (joining the O2O’s strategy)

What is the right strategy for WeChat Marketing?

1- Have an Official WeChat account

It is possible now for any Brand to have an Official WeChat account in China and overseas. It is the first step to getting a certified Wechat, to get the trust of Users

2- Create Good Great Content

Every successful marketing campaign in China, start with really good Content.

What is great content?

It is not necessary Corporate content, it is more content that will like your target … Before starting any campaign, Brands have to ask these sample questions

  1. What content are Wealthy Chinese mums like?
  2. What content they will share?
  3. What is the link between this content and my Brand?

Promotion of this Content = Job of Community Management

The hardest part for New Brand in China is to start WeChat and create a community around the Brand.

Easy to say, but really hard to do. Most of the conversations in China are outside of Brand Space, it is in Groups and in moments.

Brands have to adapt, and create Groups, animate communities and share their content in groups, to increase Word of Mouth.

Promotion of the Brand is not only on WeChat,  Media, Weibo, Tmall, Forums of mums … the internet Ecosystem usually needs to reach 100% of the Wallet of these Rich mothers.

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