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Baidu, the leader of Chinese Search engine, is quite special and difficult to understand. If you are a new marketer, you will find in this article 10 keywords to understand what is really important for doing SEO on Baidu, and to understand SEO dialect.


1 – Title

Baidu as search Engine give huge importance to the title of the page or the article. That is the first thing that you should take in consideration for Baidu SEO. Google also gives importance to Title but also to the original content, Baidu can sometimes positionate a page with the google title but the wrong content.

Yes it is possible (click here)

The title tag is also something important. It represents the page’s title , that you can seen on the tabs in your browser or in the headline of a search result.

Title tags will help the search engines to identify what your pages are about.


Meta description


2- Meta description

This term is quite important to know if you want to have efficient description for the user. A meta description is another .html tag, but its target is to describe the page.


Meta descriptions have effect on rankings for Baidu, and they can really increase click-through rates since they do show up in the search results.



3- Homepage

Everybody should know what is a homepage ? Do you know what is a Chinese Homepage?

It is a non stop crolling page, where you can find most of the information on the website. You can find more that 10 000links from this page to the innerpage. Check Sina.com, the Chinese online news leader.

Sina homepage



4- Links

Backlinks are the main factors who can really influence ranking. The more popular is a website, the more people will speak about this website, domain on the web, putting backlincks to the original source, page that they link.

There are 3 types of links that you will hear in SEO  language.

Internal links: they are all links that occur between pages inside of your website. It is also linked to the structure of your website, the good category name. All links on the navigation bar of your site are “internal links”.

External links or Backlinks : they are links coming from other websites to your website. The more external links you have, the higher rank you will get. Baidu now has developped an algorythm to identify the lexical of the page, and will count only the link to the same lexical category.

backlink chinese

Social Links: It is all the links come from social media sites. In US and Europe, we have twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, but in China Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, Renren and wechat are the Main social plateforms. For Baidu SEO, the social backlinks have no effect.


Anchor text

Anchor text is the hyperlinked text. Anchor text is prevalent in China,  because most search engine in China will give full value of a link with the good anchor Text.

While it is good to optimize anchor text internally,  optimizing backlinks when you publish external, put comments on blogs or forums, and press releases. Now google punish a suroptimization of anchor Text, but Chinese Search engine like Baidu or Sogou are not at this step.



5- Updates

One of the specificity to Baidu is to give strong bonus to fresh content, and update. If you want to be ranked on a competitive keyword, you have to put fresh news on your website. Baidu will consider a good website with the number of update that the website will give per day or per week. So you need to consider a way to let the news appear in your homepage and all the page of your website.



6- Indexing

You should know that for a new website, (or a new Chinese version of a website), you should index the website to Baidu. Indexing is the search engines’ process for collecting and storing data of websites. Baidu, Sogou, Google.com.hk  are scouring the web for updated and new pages to add to their huge databases

When the Chinese search engines will “identify”  new pages, they will index news websites, meaning they add a copy of it to their database, so that they can retrieve it during searches. Baidu indexing time is particulary long, 3months, to encourage website to pay Baidu Ads.


7- Keywords

Optimisation mean good ranking to selected keywords. a “Keyword” or  guandianzi  is often used in SEO dialect. A keyword can be a simple word or a sentence.

A company wants to do SEO should select “phrase” is “words” that will describe their Brand, services or products.

You should choose appropriate keywords, less competitive and with more researchs.

In China, long train keywords are usually often used in SEO, because simple keywords are cybersquatted by baidu Websites.

After your selection, you have to put relevant keywords in your title tags, headlines, meta and throughout your content.

For baidu meta keywords are still usefull. It is hiden data that you put in the code to help the search engine to give an idea about the page content. Google does not use that anymore.


8- (Baidu) Spider

An other terms quite specific to Chinese SEO is the Spider developped by Baidu. To help the spider, your website should have a clear structure without mistakes, you should put in your homepage the sitemap.

Baidu spider will not take all the page of your website, only a part. In priority, it takes the links start to the up of the page.


baidu Spider

For new websites, it is a problem because the spider will only take 5 pages of your website.

Baidu spider did not recognize 301 redirect usually. 301 redirect of 404 error it is when your pages have been deleted or change URLs,

For google and for the users, it is important to  receive a 404 error, or ‘Not Found’ page and 301 redirect to the homepage.




A quite popular word among the Search engine community. SERP is the Search Engine Results Page.

A SERP is what is returned to you after typing in a search query. It’s a page of results after you search.

Marketing baidu


10- Content

Everybody know what is content, because you are readers, but from SEO point of view content can be :

  • content SEOA way to update your website
  • A necessity for get high ranked. You should have quality content for the user, long and original for the Search Engine
  • Good Internal content means possibility to get natural backlinks
  • External Content is the article that you publish in other website in order to get Backlinks.

Content is for the user, but as SEO specialist “content” is mainly use for the robot.


You have many type of content.

  • Good content for your website,
  • Very good content for publishing in news, or top Blogs
  • Copy content, witch can be usefull for update for Baidu
  • Bad content, that you can put in supports website or forums
  • “Shit” content, spinning content, of bad translation content who will be not read by humain by mainly by Search engine. This content is used by Black hat SEO


seo differentBonus Black Hat VS White Hat

In China, as everywhere in the world you have 2 kinds of way to do SEO. White SEO, with quality content and good links quality and blackhat SEO, that will focus on Link farming, hidden content and meta keywords stuffing.

More information here





So now you are an expert in Chinese Search Engine optimization 😉 . You should understand that the site’s structure, update, backlinks and content are important  to get good ranking after everything is a question of percentage.


Find more information about SEO in this page and this page !

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  1. Hi Oliver,

    Interesting article with some insights on Chinese search engines. One little comment though, “guandianzi” should be “Guanjianci”. I understand you speaks English or other language but this is how we promounce/spell in Mandarin.

    Thank you for your information!


  2. Greetings from Florida Marketingtochina! I’m bored at work so I decided to browse your blog on my iphone during lunch break.
    I enjoy the information about China so different you present here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home.
    I’m surprised at how fast your blog loaded on
    wonderful blog and nice Agency!

  3. SEO in China is not about getting a lot of traffic. You get traffic by using SEM as Baidu has so many paid ads for all high traffic and high conversion keywords (up to 8 above organic results + Baidu Services).

    Baidu SEO, is mostly about education, and in that way it’s not tradditional SEO, its a mixture of iWOM and SEO targeted at secondary and long-tail keywords. Its a matter of helping the consumer choose a brand over another, or simply educating the consumer about the Brand and the Brand’s products/services.

    With the rise of 360 and Sogou much of this stays true but to a lesser extent. Next few month will be interesting.

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