International collaboration between countries with respect to tourism has given way for a better movement and increased tourist visits.

A classic example and a milestone-to-be in the history of travelling and tourism is one such collaboration between Kenya and China to promote tourism. Kenya being the destination for tourists from china was successfully promoted as the world’s best wildlife tourism spot.


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Kenya is very appealing to Chinese tourists


A series of events pertaining to throwing light over the wildlife attractions in Kenya were held during July 10 to July 17 2015 at Wangfujing Street, one of the busiest shopping streets in china. This location indeed is the one where almost a million Chinese visit in a day and is thus the perfect location for promoting an event of this sort. Loving Africa International in association with UNEP, China Africa friendship association, China Southern Airlines and Kenya China travel and tours hosted the event, which seems to have had a great impact on the number of Chinese visitors to Africa.

 The spotlight was focused majorly on improving visitors to the well-known safari in Kenya. The Green Travel concept was yet another popular concern that was thrown light on during this week long event. Joint efforts have been made with a view to increase the number of Chinese visitors to Kenya by two fold. The chances of success seem to be very high as efforts of the same order have been made with this regard.

The rise of Chinese inbound African Tourism.

 The CEO of Loving Africa International says that this is indeed the best season for people to visit Kenya as the wild life is exposed to its maximum. The joint venture of the Chinese and the Kenyans has certainly made a great impact on the number of tourists visiting Kenya for the safari. This naturally helps save wildlife and promotes sustainability with the help of an international collaboration.

Lately Africa has been on the rise in the most desired destination of Chinese outbound tourism. African nations, look out for the rising tide of Chinese tourists coming your way! This may as well be a very interesting trend for you since Chinese above average earners tend to spend about $3000 per stay in average

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