Kaola’s new adventure after joining Alibaba

Kaola’s Target Audience

At present, Kaola has gathered more than 10,000 brands around the world, and most of them are young users, among which 60% are under 30 years old and 34% are born after 1995. Many companies said that they hoped to generate more young users after entering Kaola.

Kaola “Ten Million Stars” program

On December 10, 2019. Yiman Liu, COO of Kaola, announced at the recruitment conference of merchants and service providers that “Kaola will recruit 10,000 new merchants and 10 million products in the future”. At the conference, Kaola started the “ten million stars” program and opened it to international companies.


This is the first recruitment since Kaola joined Ali in September, and more than 1000 brands and representatives around the world attended the conference.

Kaola and Alibaba’s strategic upgrade

After the entry of Kaola, the import business of Alibaba will upgrade to a “dual-brand” strategy, T-mall Global and Kaola overseas will cooperated with each other. Kaola will become a new channel for global companies to develop their businesses in China. Besides, Kaola has gathered more than 10,000 brands around the world, and most of them are young users, among which 60% are under 30 years old and 34% are born after 1995.


After the recruitment, Kaola will provide merchants with speedy support of entry standards and process. And it will also support merchants with operations, customer service logistics and warehousing. In addition, Kaola will also provide training and import big data support for merchants.

New opportunities for businesses with Kaola

How to layout on two platforms, incubate new brands, and reach Chinese customers more effectively, will become a new opportunity for companies. Many companies said that they hoped to generate more young users after entering Kaola.


Data show that China’s imports and exports have bucked the trend this year, with cross-border e-commerce and retail up 20%. Alibaba set a five-year import target of $200 billion at the first import EXPO in 2018. After one year, 123% of the target for the first year was achieved.


In addition, during the import EXPO this year, Kaola sighed contracts with more than 30 famous international brands, including Johnson & Johnson, L’Oréal, Danone and other brands. On November 11th this year, the number of merchants on Kaola has increased by 91% and the number of goods has increased by 71 %.


“Under the dual-brand strategy of Ali import, Kaola has become a new increment of merchants,” said Yiman Liu.

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