JD.Com: The Latest “11.11” Data Yearbook

A five-year leap, JD.Com Big Data shows that the number of orders placed during the 11.11 period (11.1-12) in 2017 exceeded 1,000 times in the same period of 2008. Especially in the past five years, the number of orders placed by users during the period of 11.11 continued to maintain high growth.

In 2008, consumers’ consumption was mainly concentrated on the purchase of household goods; by 2017, both in terms of breadth and depth, they were expanding to the whole category, and e-commerce was inseparable everywhere.

Since 2016, the per customer transaction of users during the promotion period has maintained the small amplitude of improvement. Even if promotion releases the purchasing power. The stockpile behavior also continues, while consumers never settle in consumption. Price is not the biggest driving force of consumption. Instead, users purchase products for needs, enjoyment, and pleasure.

In the 10-year history of e-commerce, infant&mom commodities have become the main product category in online sales and also the growth point for e-commerce to promote stockpile and consumption.

Particularly, after opening the two-child policy in 2016, people’s birth concept and online infant & mom market consumption tendency have been present in the new features.

By comparing with 2008, during the Double Eleven in 2017, the order amount of infant & mom commodities was increased by over 55000 times.  During 2013-2017, infant & mom commodities always maintained the high growth rate.

Through e-commerce platform, Chinese commodities are sold to 54 countries along the “One Belt and One Road”, including Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Thailand, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Commodities of more than 50 countries along the “One Belt and One Road” are sold to China through e-commerce.

JD.Com Big Data Research Institute released the first “Electronic Business Year: 2008-2017 “11.11” Data Yearbook”, the report pointed out that the e-commerce carnival witnessed the leap-forward changes in China’s economy, and the people’s demand for a better life also passed. The e-commerce platform is better met. E-commerce has created a new model of the digital economy. In the new node of the development of the times, the unbounded retail of online and offline integration will become the main theme of the future development of e-commerce.

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