JD attacks the Russian market

D.com, one of the largest e-commerce companies in China, has launched a marketplace in Russia. The move is part of JD’s expansion into Eastern Europe and comes as the company looks to tap into the growing Russian e-commerce market. JD’s marketplace will offer Russian consumers a wide range of products from Chinese and international brands. The launch of the marketplace is a significant step for JD as it looks to build its presence in Russia and further cement its position as a leading global e-commerce player. But can it work?

JD on the Chinese & Global Market

JD is an e-commerce giant in China. Like Amazon, JD.com is a real tailer, buying products for resale. Alibaba himself is a gigantic marketplace by connecting third-party vendors with customers.
JD.com takes advantage today of an extensive logistics network that allows it to cover more than 1,900 Chinese cities from 97 stores, more than 2,500 delivery points.

JD develops itself on foreign market

The Chinese e-commerce player did its best to remain competitive in the international market, especially given the Tmall Service Alibaba which serves as the biggest competitor in the Chinese domestic market. In order not to lose market share, JD.com began to think internationally and develop JD. Worldwide. This platform will allow Chinese customers to buy goods imported from international firms. On the platform, foreign suppliers will offer more than 1 200 brands without having to be established in China.

The second platform for Chinese e-commerce by size uses free trade zones and its own logistics network to support this project. Therefore, the company can offer international brands minus the tax rates in order to offer their goods at competitive prices. JD. Worldwide services also include marketing services for its foreign partners. Imported goods have always represented a large share of products sold on JD.com, the range of products available to Chinese consumers should be significantly extended. The company will also help foreign brands to establish themselves in the long term in the market by offering advertising opportunities.

JD on the Russian market

More recently, JD has created a website only in Russian (here). The firm demonstrates its determination to expand the list of its customers while adapting its strategy to different markets.

jd russie

russie 2

JD is an important firm of e-commerce in China. It is not the only firm but JD wants to conquer foreign markets and the creation of a website just for one market as Russia is a good idea.

How has JD become the second leader of e-commerce in China?

JD strengths are undoubtedly

  • Its agressive marketing strategy
  • Its strong quality check policy, very appealing to customer that have already been suffering from counterfeiting to the point where unknown brands have no chance to proove themselves (without a digital push that is).

Nowadays, it’s important for the firm to have a digital strategy. In China, most things are on the Internet. Chinese consumers are very connected and if you want to attract them, you must think digital.


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