Interview of Vannessa Vinos from Luxuria Jewellery Boutique

Today, we’ve the pleasure to receive Vannessa Vinos, the founder of Luxuria Jewellery Boutique, a high-end jewellery boutique with a Mediterranean touch.

-Hi Vannessa, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a former Criminal Psychologist who swapped bad boys for bling (literally).

-When and why did you launch your jewelry website?

Luxuria Jewellery Boutique

I always wanted to own my own high-end jewellery boutique. But when I moved to the Mediterranean with my Husband in 2001, I was in awe at how Spanish and Italian women wore their accessories; they loved big, statement, bold pieces and weren’t afraid to wear them. They didn’t save bold pieces for a special event or for the evening. They would wear them even having lunch on the beach. So that is where my inspiration to bring a little “Riviera chic” to every woman’s day came from.

-Can you tell us more about Luxuria Jewellery Boutique. What is its concept?

The main concept was to bring bold, classy statements (principally from the Mediterranean) to a woman’s day, so she knew that just one great piece could lift her mood, her outfit and her confidence!

I wanted my pieces to become my clients  little black dress without  the need for Spanx! Or her favourite “LouBous” but without the blisters, bunions and backache 😉

We have exclusivity for 95% of the designers on our site, so our customers cannot buy the designs anywhere else in the UK , China or USA but from us.

-You’ve just done a PR operation in China, what motivates you to tap into the Chinese market?


As has been reported worldwide for some time now the Chinese have HUGE buying power and are one of the biggest buyers of luxury items. So that was my main motivation. I also felt that having European made pieces and designs would resonate with the Chinese market. How long that “novelty” lasts, I don’t know. Only time will tell whether the Chinese market get bored with European designs/labels and move back to labels from China and Asia

 -What are the reasons why you see China as a promising market?

Their buying power and their love and appreciation of all things British and European. Also they are not afraid of trying new designers etc. They like testing and trying new looks in terms of the fashion industry; they are  very confident and brave when it comes to experimenting.

-What do you think of the Chinese jewelry designers? Are you following some of them?

I do follow Chinese designers and I think some of my favorites would be:

Dickson Yewn (especially the pieces of his that were worn by Michelle Obama), Michelle Ong and Grace Lee (Chief Designer for Zhaoyi Jade House)

-How do you think British brands are doing in China?

I think the high-end luxury brands such as Burberry, Stella McCartney, Bentley and of course Victoria Beckham are always going to continue to do well. But for smaller brands I am not sure just saying “I am British” is enough to entice the Chinese market on it’s own. I think the big brands will always stand the test of time, but it will be interesting to see in the future how the smaller British brands really do.

-What are your plans for the future and for Luxuria Jewellery?

I have no plans to take over the world. I just want a contained, exclusive brand with faithful customers who come back and back. I also want to continue giving to more charities as we grow. We currently give a percentage of our profits to KIVA which gives micro loans to people in Third World countries who want to start their own small businesses but would never have access to a bank or a bank loan. We try to support female entrepreneurs where we can within this charity. I am very proud of what we have contributed so far, and my wish is to continue giving back in some shape or form.

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