Interview of the founder of Isla Caraibica, a French luxury niche brand in China

Today we interview the founder of I&C a French Luxury brand that start to getting populare among Chinese fashion consumers.


1/ Could you introduce yourself and what you did?

Pascal Songo Gatibelza, creator of Isla & Caraibica.

My first weapons has been in 90s in Disneyland Paris where I worked in leisure in team management. After that, I worked abroad and in France for famous sport brand. And after that, my professional career lead me directly to Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.


2/ Can you present I&C?

I&C, Isla & Caraibica, is a brand who take its energy in my Caribbean origins. That’s why we created the logo with sea and eath enterlaced in the game of shell and a leaf. This two symbols are creating form and the color dress big dream.

Strong and powerful by its identity, Isla & Arabica is a mix between French expertise and fashion passion.

I&C is divided in 3 parts to enhance male and woman universe. .

  • The footwear industry

Shoes designed for men or woman meanwhile Casual & Chic for baskets or more classical with heel for madam and boots for mister. French and Italian artisan who bring their expertise.


  • Leather work

In this field we are really distinctive because of our hand bag which is very innovated by its carved wood. We also create belt in brass cages made in Paris.

  • Jewelry

We have two collections :


This first line is really sophisticated and refine


This classical collection offer a wide range of vintage jewel french and English.





3/ Who is it for ?  

We don’t want to target a group of person. I&C is much more than a brand it’s a way of life. Each person who are looking for modernity and elegance can identify to our brand.

Feeling unic this is what we want to diffuse. That why for the footwear industry we created in first place limited product and we are also proposing in a second time .Indeed we offer at our client to customize their product like that the feeling of exclusivity is complete.

4/ Why amateur public like your brand?

Because we are proposing product innovative and timeless. With a Caribbean design which provide freshness to the luxury universe.

5/ What Chinese people think about made in France?

Made in France is a reference in the luxury universe. It’s the witness of expertise find anywhere else. The made in France is seen like quality and authenticity.

6/ What are the next step of I&C in China ?

After our participation to the luxury china 2015, we will pursue our institution with the opening soon of our shop in the European trade center situated in Tianjin, we will reinforce our presence in china and more exactly in Beijing and shanghai. Our first objectives is to introduce the brand and to extend it.



7/ Chinese people have a different taste of European consumer? 

We speak of two differents cultures. The way of life is completely different even if china is more open to word lately. Chinese people are more interested by occidental product and even more by European product. A lot of KOL talk about it.

8/ Today, do you fell a tiredness from Chinese people toward luxury product like Gucci or LV?

During the Luxury China, we were in contact with different Chinese buyer and the comment were always the same. Nowadays, everybody can wear big brand like channel, Gucci channel or LV. So what Chinese people are looking for is to be different, the distinction and singularity. And with our brand we bring exclusivity.

9/ Why do you want to grow your business in china? Did you have a crush for this country?

I always have been attracted on this country and passionate in the same time. I really like the cinema there. It’s a country very rich which allow a lot of opportunity for the brand. Thanks to the opening in the Word, we can export the French expertise that Chinese people like so much. In this way we also can offer them designed especially made for them.

I choose china for my brand because I feel so strongly about it.

10/ If we have to describe I&C in 3 words, which one you will pick

  • Exclusive
  • Elegant
  • Groundbreaking


Thank you for this answer

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