Interview of TailorMade Chinese Center

Today we interview TailorMade Chinese Center ( ) Chinese School based in Beijing and Shanghai.

Can you present your company to our readers?

TailorMade Chinese was created in 2009 in China by a team of expatriates entrepreneurs committed to making Mandarin more accessible to People want to study Chinese. Since then, we have provided both one to one and small group mandarin lessons to thousands of students.

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What type of client do you target?

Our main customers are companies, and most of our students are actually working in China (or with Chinese). All of our teachers are Chinese and hold genuine Language University Bachelor or Master Degrees.

  1. We beleive that our unique Chinese teaching method focuses in the 1st instance on communication and the practical aspects of the daily life in China.
  2. Our Students can choose the time and place of their lessons, or customize their training content.
  3. Classes can also be cancelled up to 3 hours in advance without any fee.

What are your main strength?

Professional Chinese teachers with real language university diploma in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language for most of them, no teacher with only a certificate or even not any language diploma

  • Unique teaching method with initial focus on modern oral Mandarin, standard pronunciation and useful daily life vocabulary
  • Personalized class content and schedule organization to satisfy all levels, training objectives and agendas
  • 90% of students who take a trial lesson choose us for their Chinese language training
  • For Beijing, the location of our new Center in Sanlitun is also a strength.

Do you think that is important to speak Chinese to succeed?

Yes sure and for differents reasons :

  1. To feel more confident, because you know you can handle your daily basic needs no matter here or when
  2. To be more independent, instead of relying on translation all the time for everything: you can do more things quicker
  3. To better understand your environment, people, colleagues comments at work, identify best ways of doing things, good or bad business opportunities etc.

Speaking Chinese opens to a whole new world, and if you want to develop yourself in China or even in Asia, mastering Chinese is definitely a strong advantage.

What are the biggest mistake that you did in china?

Working too long without understanding / considering the basics of « Chinese ways”, which also does not mean we should necessarily work in a Chinese style.

In our case the management is mixed, and this is more a strength than a weakness.

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