Interview of Li Wei, amazing chinese photographer

Interview Li Wei, an amazing Chinese photographer!

Today, we have the great pleasure to receive Liwei, a creative photographer.

Li Wei was born in Hubei in 1970 and was admitted to the Oil Painting Department of Beijing East Culture Art Academy in 1993.
Now he lives in Beijing


2012 – “Li Wei”, Dock Sud gallery, France.
“Li Wei”, Parc de la Villette, Paris.
“The high life of LIWEI”, kunst.licht Photo Art Gallery,Shanghai.
2011 -“Li Wei_Lucca Photo Fest”, Lucca, Italy.
2010 – “Photo Phnom Penh”, Cambodia.
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Let see his Interview!

Hello Liwei.  Could you please introduce yourself, and explain to these French people what is your photo Style?

I’m a contemporary artist, I mainly use photography or sometimes sculptures to express myself. My photo is merged a lot with the performance art element because before turning into photography, I was a performance artist. You can find a lot of humor, impossible scenes in my images. I want to use the image to show my living situation, to show the dangerous and unstable side of this society.

What do you want to represent with

I want to show how the impossible change to the possible.

Could you select the Top Ten Pictures that you prefer!

Well. I like “Li Wei falls to Hong Kong”, “29 levels of freedom”, “the baby leaves away from the earth”,“Ahead 1″. “live at the high place” , “Balloons”.”Buddha in Paris”



How did you realize your photography?

I use photoshop actually but is in the stage of postproduction. I need to use photoshop to remove the wires. I make the real shot because the experience of performance art is the most important element of my works.

Right now, what are you preparing? (expo, work, advertising for a brand… )

I’m preparing some exhibitions in 2013.

You went to France, How was it?

Yes, this March. My collaboration with Parc de la Villette is quite successful. I made the Buddha series.

Chinese has a bad image for creativity, according to you: the new generation of Chinese artists can change something?

Why not?

What service you offer, what do you search for?

I work with art institutions, museums mostly. Sometimes I also work with big companies for advertising

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