Interview of Founder of AHA, Kirakira studio

Can I introduce yourself, your carrier, and the brand

First of all, I must to say that there is 3 huge passions in my life what left unbelievable impact on my carrier and life whole – traveling, passion to skin care and horses. I was born in white and snowy Finland and most pf the time spent outside skiing, horse riding or just playing as a kid. Cold and windy weather always impacted my sensitive skin as I am reddish haired typical Nordic person. When I was 18 I first went to Japan for tourism and was unbelievable surprised how beautiful and fresh faced Japanese women are. There must be secret, I said to myself. That time I took home almost each famous and best related beauty product back to Finland. I call that trip destiny. It opened my eyes what I want to do and where I want to be.

As a passionate equestrian I found huge difference using ordinary product by switching to Japanese ones. Usually I ride every day. Especially winters are rough for us professional’s hobby horse rides, as we meet darkness very early, big wind, humid weather and a lot of dust in our face, as we clean and prepare horses for riding. Brushing, washing, cleaning – its just a small part from that. Its not so aristocratic, not everything is about white bridge trousers and fancy jackets. Its hard to work also to maintain personal hygiene.

Clean and smooth skin was always my main goal. And we definitely should never stop to looking for wonder products. Not enough with organic honey mask on face or good soda scrub. We need good science involved!

That’s how me and my best partners – 2 girlfriends started our journey.

I created Kirakira Studio to meet needs of everyone. No matter age, race, hobbies or how clean or polluted your home city or work is.

Later after years I moved to Ireland and finally was mature enough to start my project. It took years and sleepless nights but I made it. I call its miracle that Japanese gave me change. They usually work only for Japanese companies and I can be proud of this stage to be the one, they selected to work with.

What models daily problems with the skin?

I guess not enough daily cleansing and lack of daily skin care maintenance. Most people think that every night cream will make them younger and that just a good wash of ordinary soap or cleanser will work out miracles. Good skin doesn’t happen overnight.

First of all, we should start with cleansing. If the skin is dirty and unclean and the skin layer is bloated there is no change that even the most expensive cream will do benefits. In the world we live now – no way there is a chance we a clean skin just with water and soap. Don’t forget how hard smart phones and computers do…

Why did you create the brand?

To meet the needs. At least at the start in Europe as there is only Kanebo and Shiseido and some other very expensive Japanese brands. Also, I wanted to add some funny and so serious touches to the packaging. Of course, for Chinese consumers, we are about to create designs they love and would love to see. Our next products will come out fully designed in high-end glass packages with a very luxurious touch. Also, we will upgrade formulas exactly for Chinese people’s needs.

Why choose to develop the products and manufacture them in Japan?

Japan provides the best. It’s not only a skincare formula but also a full end-up product – starting from development and communication, to packaging and design. Regarding quality, Japanese is beyond any quality and technologies we all can imagine.

But I have to admit that as the owner of the brand, I need a special and very polite approach To Japanese. I take it as a perfect lesson and learn from my Japanese colleagues every day.

Why AHA is unique?

Its not a everyday facial cleanser. Its our first gem. AHA contains 3 types of acids. It removes facial makeup, it works as a wash and it also works as a mild every day peeling. Basically 3 in one.

One of the important things in skincare is not to just remove makeup, but also to remove dirt and old skin layer. Every day outer part of the skin changes to the new one. If we don’t remove it pores gets clogged and comedowns/blackheads appear. No way creams or lotions can absorb.

Actually its first one made like this not only for European market, but also in Japan.

What is the feedback of consumers about your products?

Unbelievable ones. I was surprised. At the start we sent some pay-free bloggers to try it out and give some private reviews to me personally, but instead they posted feedbacks in public and they were just wow. Me and my partners used AHA cleanser for near 6 month because one product development takes more than one year, and to be honest – its great! When I got our second product Night Time Rescue sleeping mask I already knew – it will work wonders.

Also real customers who bough our products are surprised. I definitely sure we will keep doing this great work and many many products are ready to come in next year.

First are ones with problematic skin – acne, scars, discolouring. These who use heavy makeup and those who use no makeup at all. To be honest than sometimes its even better to use makeup on daily basis like foundation and powder, as they protect skin from pollution, dirt and UV lighting.

Why Asian people should love AHA and Nigh Time rescue?

Polluted air and a lot of wok front of computer and using smartphones.

I know China well. That’s the reason why I chose to introduce my brand to Chinese consumers. I travel all over the China yearly and I am Chinese cuisine freak. Everything in my house is not so related to Japana as China. Feng shui, food, I even have Chinese Tibetan mastiff dogs and Shi Tzu dog. Also I started to learn Chinese to be closer to my Chinese friends.

AHA will be definitely best option to cleanse and Night Time Rescue to fight to lack of hydration and brilliance. Also Japanese share the same skin type as Chinese so there is no question around who are real experts into Asian skin care. Our new skin care line called “Kobo” (yeast is Japanese) will come out next years especially designed for China. Even the packaging will be luxuries with touch of Chinese sense mixed with my love to horses – golden horse shoe as logo!

AHA has nothing to do with Disneyland or saying “Aha, I know this!”. Its shot meaning or medicine terming alpha hydroxy acids. All acids related to medicine terminology for skin care are called as alpha hydroxy. There are different types and do different work. For instance our AHA contains 3 most powerful and beautiful skin friendly acids. All of the for every day uses of safe basis.

Nigh Time Rescue is cream and mask in one. Very powerful and no need to rinse off. Works all night long and gives a much better result than masks to be used only 20 min. It contains Damaskus rose honey and great hydration, a beautiful glow, and a huge antioxidant effect.

Water, good night’s rest, and antioxidant products. Nothing fights better with moisture lost as water, not hide dark circles under eyes and good sleep and of course antioxidants – inner and outer!

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