Interview of Amirsan Roberto, founder of robertoandco

Interview with Amirsan Roberto, a supporter of Entrepreneur


1- Can you introduce yourself in 5-6lines

Real life challenger and never takes no for an answer, five years of extensive experience in coaching, experienced in various fields of marketing, PR, Grant writing, fundraising and speech giving.Having read 2 books (Think and Grow rich/Rich Dad and Poor Dad) that changed his total understanding and paradigm of his thinking about entrepreneurship,  studied applied psychology and international Business that became combination of Understanding human Nature and New Ideas that shape Global trends in Business

2- Can you introduce your main activity in China

Roberto&Co. is the source for those entrepreneurs that are seeking for answers for HOW, WHEN, WHY, WHAT and unlimited challenges. Our members can find insights, practical guidelines and case studies on operating business in China, prevent from possible mistakes and learn from success of our partners. We deliver best and legit solutions for SMEs and Medium size companies especially using digital tools. to learn more about us visit

3- Can you introduce your second business ?

Being Head of PR at TEDx FUxing Park is another great opportunity to explore new insights, connect with best minds, I am in charge of connecting potential partners who are TEDx fans and followers to shape, create and lead more transformational events and forums that are focused to inspire and motivate our listeners, to learn more about us visit:
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4- What are the best events that you organize and why are they successful?

We have organized a number of events, majority of them are indeed mind blowing, the ones i believe were unique ones are “The CEO under 30 Forum” and “Women in Leadership”, they are successful for 3 major reasons:
a) having great speakers that have experience to help, motivate and inspire was one of the great aspects we looked at instead of charging sponsors and have them speak.
b) providing an opportunity to meet, mingle, network with speakers during/after event and organizing spacial dinner for organizers, speakers and attendees another value added opportunity to stand out from the crowd and maintain visibility and presence using social media.
c) having PR partner is very important, one of the dilemmas that we personally face, we have seen a number of great products that have unprofessional packaging, and vice verse and majority tends to buy looking at packaging not content, thus, we always try to work with best PR agencies to ensure visibility, delivery of message, positioning is executed according to our expectations.

5- What are the 3 key points to get a successful event?

a) craziest idea
b) craziest people who will stick with you to make the impossible
c) speakers and location

6- Can you give 3 good tips for Wechat Marketing?

WeChat is mega hit, to make it short and simplified my tips would be:
a) Professional Content
b) graphic design
c) having channels or KOL is quite important otherwise it doenst make sense to have good content, chances are high someone can steal it, paraphrase it and use other channels to be noticed, that what happened a number of times when we started off

7- What are the big challenges for an entrepreneur in China?

there are number of challenges, if i speak for myself i would list following ones:
a) lack of knowledge about chinese mentality, way of business or the power of guanxi.
b) it takes time and building relationships, however in the west its all about business plan, contract and execution (tendencies are changing)
c) having right chinese partner, consultant, freelancer is one of the keys to open doors that lead to success.
d) language is another major issue that one has to look at when working/dealing with chinese partners
c) not having legit source of information that results in wasting/spending or even investing time in search of product that is offered by dozens at different price.

8- Which Brand strategy impresses you in China and why?

there are lots of them, the recent one is story about UNIQLO where we wrote article, this is not brand but SEX sells concept, the video got so viral and everyone was talking about the incident that was one of the strategies that i believe is smart.
While Kuaidi Dache and Didi Dache said they would merge to become the largest taxi-hailing  company in China, Uber is fighting its own way to break into the China market. Its brand, which  goes well beyond the taxi app, is overseen by a greater entity known as Safe, Reliable and  Affordable transport option. Uber not only prides itself in connecting people with a driver in minutes, they also develop extensive social media presence where they actively engage their  customers on WeChat’s key opinion leaders’ platforms, including Durex. By cooperating with  Durex and tapping into the interests of fun seekers or movie enthusiasts, Uber gives people  exactly what they’re looking for and more. Whether users love watching Fast and Furious or
want to get a free car ride or a box of free condoms, Uber truly seeks to “create a vision for the  life you want” and be the tool that gets people to do the things they love.

9- What are the 3 markets that are booming in China?

Luxury, Outbound Tourism and Education

10- Why did you come to China? (and when)

Back in 2012 i had first short visit when my friend asked me to join and travel across BJ, i had no clear view, i left BJ for 3 months and decided to take a shot and see how it would work out, i came to Xiamen where i started everything and since then in and out we were able to put show together and expanding across China with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou, globally in New York, Hong Kong, Sydney and Tokyo coming up soon.

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