Interview with the founder of Paris Shopping Tour

Today we will talk with Diane Lepicard, who launched a modern and innovative concept for the  Chinese tourists, Paris Shopping Tour.

1/Hello Diane, can you introduce yourself?

I am an active person, and I have always wished to change the opinions, the points of view, the minds. First, I graduated from a communication school since in the world in which we’re living, I believe its imperative to understand what are the people needs. Then I had some different work experiences in Paris and in foreign countries that helped me to find my way.

I am an uncompromising woman and my life is filled with many passions like fashion and human relationships.


2/ Can you introduce your company?

Paris Shopping Tour offers a service of Parisian guide to shop in a selection of confidential and « must see » places and to directly access and discover the Parisian culture during breaks in cafés, restaurants and bars.

3/ Why it can be a pleasure to Chinese people?

The Chinese are totally changing the way they travel. First, they begin to travel individually and they go to less country for the same time of travelling. Also, I can notice that they need services more and more specific and personalized.

They simply want to discover the city they visit under an authentic angle.


4/ Why the Chinese consumption habits change?

A lot of Chinese people do shopping with buyers that take them to the most touristic places just in order to have commissions. Now, the time has change and Chinese don’t want to deal with those kind of guide anymore. They want to feel special and discover genuine places and shops.

5/Your target clients are masculine or feminine? Who is your major target?

Our clients are men and women and we adjust our tour depending on the sex and the age of our customers. My targets are every people that are interested in having a unique and unforgettable experience of shopping in our beautiful capital.

6/You have been to China recently, what do you think about China?

I have been pleasantly surprised. The Chinese people and culture are so much enriching and I am so glad to work with them. Chinese are different than us by the way they think, they live and they are. However, I could notice that the biggest city like Shanghai or Beijing are really internationals and the culture of young generation are more and more similar than us.


7/The Chinese people really like shopping? What’s their favorite?

Of course the Chinese love shopping. It’s a part of themselves, they save a lot so they can spend when they travel. Chinese travelers spent US$102 billion overseas in 2012, making them the world’s biggest spenders.

When they travel, Chinese people want to go back to their town with unique products so they can show to their family circle, friends….

8/ The tourists from China represent a big potential? Why do you think so?

According to the china national tourism administration, 100 million Chinese will travel abroad by 2014 and Paris is their favorite destination: this number is a huge indicator.

9/ What are your key success factors ?

The succeed factor is the custumor satisfaction. I give my clients a qualitative and unique service.


10/ What do the Chinese people think about France and Paris?

Paris is a dream for each of them.

Thanks  for agreeing to answer our questions.

I hope this interview brings you more information and we expect more in the coming weeks .. Be patient!

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  1. It is innovative and quite good I hope Chinese tourists will stop going to Lafayette and try local boutiques in Paris, 100% much more nice

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