Interview of Fernando de Zavala Carvajal Co Founder of intuu China

Today we interview Fernando de Zavala Carjaval, co-founder of Intuu China

1/Hello Fernando, could you introduce yourself?

My name is Fernando, I am a 25 years old Spaniard that has had the chance in various countries around the world and decided to settle (for now, at least) in China.

I am an active person that enjoys working in a dynamic city such as Shanghai and I very much enjoy dealing directly with clients.

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2/ Can you introduce your company?

Intuuchina is a company that helps young talent, mainly from the West to come to China, more specifically, Shanghai. we have helped introduce over 120 people to the China labor market and we are looking to help many more looking to have an opportunity in this great, dynamic, and huge market that is China.

3/ Why do foreigners want to come to china?

After more than 1600 interviews with people from all around the world, I can tell you that the main factors for foreigners to come to China are:

  • They want to have access to the Chinese labor market.
  • They want to experience the change that china has been growing through (growth, economic policy, dynamism in the market, etc.)
  • They are attracted by the language and culture within the country and are looking forward for this to give them a competitive edge over other applicants once they return to the west

4/Why do Chinese consumption habits change?

I don’t know how to answer this one

5/Your target clients masculine or feminine? Who is your major target?

Our target is usually people that are anywhere in their 20s, are looking to have new international experiences and have lived overseas before. China can be hard for some people and we try to make sure that people that come with us are ready for the exciting new life ahead.

6/What do you think about china?

When I came to China, I thought the country was too heterogeneous and complicated for me to understand in such a short time period but after my first weeks here I realized the wonderful people, opportunities and dynamism this country has.

7/the Chinese people really like shopping? what’s their favorite?

I would say when buying luxury, European countries are at the top, probably spearheaded by french brands. when we talk about major consumption European brands still play a big part but they lose the edge to Chinese products.

8/Do the tourists from china represent a big potential? why do you think so?

i come from Spain, a country that is very popular for its tourism industry. i believe the rising of the middle class in china allows a huge number of people to choose to do trips overseas rather than within china. it does, indeed, represent a huge potential but the biggest issue at the moment is knowing how to harness that potential to your advantage.

9/ What are your key success factors?

I don’t think success has a special recipe that applies to everyone but my recipe is:

  •  Surrounding yourself with people more intelligent than you.
  •  Work hard in giving great service to your customers
  •  Create a strong brand identity (not only outside the doors of your office, through great service but also inside, with your employees). through enthusiasm, leading by example and working hard.

10/ What do the Chinese people think about France and Paris?

I believe France is and has been a very respected country in China, more so than in other places I have had the luck to live in. France gives its image by the community of ex-pats they have in shanghai and by the products and brands that work as ambassadors for the country to the Chinese people.

11/ What do the Chinese people think about Spain and Madrid?

People in china know a surprisingly large amount of things about Spain aside from the stereotypes (i.e. bullfighting, soccer, etc.) Spain is a country that is more respected here than in other places in the world, where from experience, they tend to confuse us for our beloved Latin American cousins.

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