The interview of Big Bad Wolf

Here comes the Big Bad Wolf

Yesterday, we had the pleasure (indeed !) to interview a new company that is launching an attack on the sex industry in China. If you too suffer from the relatively small size of condoms here, then Big Bad Wolf can help !

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If you live in China and you enjoy certain pleasures in life, you know what we are talking about. You are in situations where you realize, that a couple of millimetres can make a big difference. Personally, we tried different brands and types but never found a satisfying solution. Most condoms were too small, too short or just too thick. Squeezing your best friend in, having less feeling than you could or rearrange during the act since this little piece of rubber was not as comfortable as it is supposed to be.

Welcome to China !

These and other similar complaints we have heard many times from different friends over the last years living in China. In order to make our and your sex life more enjoyable, Big Bad Wolf started this project and offer now condoms in the right size, with the real feeling (natural feeling) to help ourselves and your friends ! One word…

Be Safe !


How all of this had started ?

After 4 years of living and working in China, Big Bad Wolf sees finally the day ! It is a story you could be in. 3 guys that, during that time, always complained or heard complaints about the condom selection for foreigners. Therefore they started to import European and American condoms and distribute them. We interviewed them and here is what they said :

Why did you choose to work in China?

China is a country full of huge opportunities. The consumption here has already increased and will keep on going. The number of foreigners is on the rise in this part of the world and we know, by being part of them, that we aren’t exactly fitting the Chinese standards.

What is the advantage to work with Chinese customers?

So far we didn’t have the chance to work with Chinese customers. Our target is mainly foreigners. As soon as our project will advance, we plan to establish a branch that will add more products also suitable for Chinese customers.

Why do Western companies prefer to Work with Western companies?

Well, it is the same as why Chinese companies prefer to work with Chinese companies… Due to cultural differences and working habits. It is much easier to work with people that share the same philosophy as you.

What do you think is the top 3 market in China?

For sure, the medical field, also the leisure one and of course the food.

What are the 3 biggest challenges for companies in China now?

I would say the language to begin with and to follow the cultural differences. We are so much unlike the Chinese. The lack of common sense due to Western standards is a real challenge.

What do you like in China?

I love a lot of things but especially the opportunities that we can find here. This is priceless!

What are the qualities of Chinese employees?

They are cheap but except that, I can’t find a lot of qualities. They don’t have any initiative so you have to train them so that they become valuable.

Which company in China is doing the best Marketing campaign in China and Why?

Definitely Apple! Come on, look around, do you see a lot of people who don’t have an iPhone? The market is huge so they don’t need to get a lot of customers to make it profitable (especially with their position abroad) but here, they found a goldmine so we hope to find one as well.

Indeed, most of the market size is in the millions and with the rapid growth of e-commerce it becomes easier and easier to sell goods all over China. To understand how it all works go here and here


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