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  • The Chinese market is a totally different market compared to other countries, which most international brands did not notice.
  • Understanding the different culture and learning to corporate with local companies.
  • Notice that Chinese is a fragmented market. It has different cultures, living standard, average incomes in different locations.
  • Digital marketing has a big advantage in reducing the branding fees compare to traditional advertising.
  • China has its own social networks, like WeChat, and Weibo.


Thanks to the huge population and rapid development of the economy, the Chinese market now represents a huge opportunity for foreign brands. Despite these opportunities, there are threats you must avoid, it is clear that the Chinese market is very different so you also must adapt how you operate, this is the reason why so many companies fail.


Many international brands had failed to do marketing when they entering Chinese market at the first stage. There are 6 reasons has to been noticed.


  • The Chinese market is a completely different market compared to others countries. So when a company enters this market, this company needs to fully understand or find a proper local, specialized agency.

“Many clients we work with have succeeded in international markets including Japan, India and Dubai also. They enter the market with full confidence but after a couple of months they find everything is vastly different.”

  • Due to the language barrier and different cultures, how to position your brand image in the Chinese market is difficult.

“In the Chinese market you need to adapt to the different cultures and language, a foreign company needs to get used to cooperating with the local companies in order to offer a service tailored to Chinese customers.”

  • Considering the location differences in China (China is a massive and fragments market), the pricing system should consider the living standard and basic average incomes in different cities and areas in China.

“Most Chinese people don’t speak English, in fact, only 53% of Chinese can speak mandarin. There are 292 local languages and dialects in China.”

  • Which tires of cities in China to enter it needs to be considered for international brands as well.
  • To do branding in China, engaging in Chinese advertising is important. Nowadays, compared to traditional advertising, E-Branding is cheaper and more effective.
  • Except for Facebook and Tweet, China has its own internet platform, for examples, WeChat, Weco and Renren.


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  1. Philip, Very interesting article. Are there any foreign products which have found a niche, a market in China

  2. Bear the unknowns. Nobody will “waste time” looking back to figure out “what went wrong” but just trying out new tactics until things work. When I asked for “review and evaluate” from my China team before, they just make things up to please me. Now I move on and move fast with them.

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