China is the world’s fastest-growing market for almost everything and the golden age for Interior Design Business.

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Now is the best time for interior design firms to work in China.

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Better City Better Life: the slogan that Changes the Chinese Way of Life

The dramatic growth of China’s economy transforms its society in both qualitative (lifestyle, thinking…) and quantitative aspects (rising income and demands…).

In that context, the interior design industry in China also expands “fast and furious” in the past 2 decades, opening numerous opportunities for foreign designers and firms.

China is currently looking for foreign talents who have experience abroad and who are creative and diligent.

The international growth opportunities in China appear endless making now the best time to work in China!



183 200 companies in Interior Design Business in China

Interior design industry is large in China and the demand for interior design service is growing fast:

  • In the past five years, the number of companies in the interior-decoration industry rose to 183,200.
  • The business is projected to grow by 13% annually for the next five years, totalling roughly $800 billion in 2017.

Urbanization is a contributing factor to China’s strong growth in this industry. As Chinese people continue to move from the countryside to cities, they are influenced by the city life of which elegant living space is an important part.

Another growth driver is the changing lifestyle and increasing disposable income of the Chinese middle class.

  • Chinese middle class is not only getting larger with nearly 400 millions of people in 2018 but also starts spending more on interior products as their income and lifestyle evolves drastically.

The increasing interest in trendy and modern interior design for living and working spaces is further encouraged by the local digital habits of younger, over-connected Chinese generations.

In the past, Chinese tended to keep their interiors as private spheres reserved only for family members, but now, pictures of interiors are shared on Chinese social networks like WeChat or Xiaohongshu as a new way to express aesthetic style & personality. These networks are also used to promote or discover new creative ideas or trends.

Taking on this opportunity, KOLs (Key Opinion leaders) who used to focus on fashion now pose in a creative interior setting and with stylish furniture items that further reflect their style and design culture. The influence from social media raises people’s knowledge and enhances their need in having a well-designed house.

One example is the famous fashion and lifestyle blogger Savislook, who has shared “how-to” videos of her home decoration on Weibo and YouTube. She explains her furniture choices, which mix international brands with more vintage looks, in a casual and friendly tone, while posting pictures of those pieces.


Savislook interior and Ligne Roset chair. Photo: Savislook Instagram

Magazines such as Elle Deco China, Domus, and Ideat China are also influencing this new generation, especially through their editors who are becoming specialized KOLs and experts on modern and contemporary design. The lifestyle editor of Elle Deco China, Sugar Lee (@DemonSugar), for instance, now has 20,000 followers on Weibo.



The interior design service market is becoming more competitive — both clients and the public are now seeking truly innovation and uniqueness.

Chinese designers, in particular interior and product designers actually grow relatively fast and have surpassed the previous generation. There are a lot of young and middle-aged product designers and interior designers that have received many international awards. They do a good job and are well received.

Now more Chinese young and middle-aged designers are beginning to rise, and their abilities are as good as those of western designers. Chinese architects are starting to find their own voice and style.

We also see more and more Chinese designers handle big projects such as shopping centers and commercial buildings.

WeWork Weihai Road by WeWork and Linehouse (Shanghai)

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