Advanced Lipids is a joint venture of AAK and Enzymotec. They are seen as a reliable, high-value partner to the infant formula industry. INFAT (which is manufactured and marketed by Advanced Lipid) is a specialized fat ingredient for infant formulas,  which has been proven in the market for more than a decade. Advanced Lipid combines Enzymote’s clinical know-how in lipid technologies with AAK’s international strength in food safety, production and logistics. This ensures they can offer customers a uniquely comprehensive and effective solution when using their products.


In promoting INFAT, Advanced Lipids actually have done very well in international markets. They make partners with many infant formula industries. After a lot of thinking, they decided to enter in to the Chinese market, which is attractive for most businesses. China, as the most potential economy with large numbers of demands, could be the biggest opportunity for Advanced Lipids, but it will also be a big challenge as well. It is known that the Chinese market is a completely different market when  compared to others, due to the language, unique culture and purchasing habits. How to attract the customers when initially entering the Chinese market is probably one of the hardest factors that Advanced Lipids had to consider.

Internet, was a natural first choice for Advanced Lipid. Considering the large numbers of netizens in China, it could be the best way to promote their products to potential customers. Spreading information about their products online is necessary. But how to make people notice them? How to make people stop and check their promotion articles instead of just skip over?

Nowadays, there is various information people can get from the internet, but it doesn’t mean all of the information will be accepted by people. So making your content attractive is the key for sure. But how to make your brand attractive enough is a question in itself. What Advanced Lipids did was to stick with clearly advertising their advantages over the competition. It is clear that they are making products for infants. The purchasers will be mothers and fathers. Health and safety are the most important things that they will considering when they are buying something for their children. Advanced Lipids are aware that there were some “disasters” in Chinese infant formula brands. So they put their high-quality technologies as the most significant feature. They educated their potential customers about what they are, what they combined and how they advanced though WeChat, Chinese forums and Q & A. They also setup their own Chinese website to help the Chinese understand them clearer, believe them and above all trust them. All the features and images they made to Chinese customers related back to the safety of their products.

So far, they have been successful on this action. After they setup their Chinese website and started to generate leads from the this, they have recieved 12 leads after 2 months. The most beneficial thing for them when promoting their products in the Chinese market has been knowing their own USPs and using these to draw in Chinese consumers.

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