Content and always content… You have probably read a bunch of articles talking about the importance of content in your marketing campaign strategy… Yes it is really important because is what will make your campaign a successful one.

In China, why “Content” should be the center of your Marketing Strategy?

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How? Here we will detail with you some key tools in order to make your content the center of your marketing strategy.

Why is it efficient? Because you an optimized content of your marketing campaign leads through different points: catching customer attention, creating brand image, making the customer buy your product, and creating customer’s loyalty.



Know your target and catch customer’s attention

If you want to succeed catch your customer’s attention, you have to know who your target is and what will make your customer engage and feel touched by your campaign. If you want to know more about Chinese customer, you can take a look at this article here.

How to attract Chinese customer? You have to understand their way of thinking.

First, Chinese people are really digital people so they love interacting with technology, above all they like to see creative and funny marketing campaign support. You can use HTLM5 format to get your audience going deep into digital experience.

Second, in order to catch customer’s attention, you can create some viral topics to attract more traffic and more potential customers.

Here below 2 examples of brands that has succeed to catch customer’s attention.

An interactive campaign is the campaign of Burberry for the Chinese New Year in 2016 on Wechat. You can swipe, touch and tap your smartphone screen to unwrap the gift and after that you can send personalized e-cards to your friends.


The Swiss Watch company International has created an innovative marketing campaign on Weibo for the Chinese mid-autumn festival. Each user has to take the most beautiful picture of the moon with a creative caption, and 3 of them were selected to win a gift.

Creating brand image

You can actually create brand image by using image of some ambassadors and KOL. For example for luxury brands, it is really useful to use ambassadors in order to add more value to your brand. Depending on who you will choose to be the ambassador of your brand, the customer will identify this celebrity to your brand image. Here a really interesting article talking about how luxury brand is adapting to china.

Give an example of a luxury brand having the famous celebrity icon in marketing campaign. The big brand Louis Vuitton in 2012, choose one of the most influent celebrity in China: Fan Bingbing.

Fan Bingbing louis vuitton

Making the customer buy your product

How you can make your customer buy your product? He has to be identified to the product that you are selling, so you have to build a storytelling around your brand. For your marketing advertising, you need to tell a story to your audience, so they can identify it to their own story.

Here the example of a brand Burberry who has built a real meaningful marketing video campaign divided into several chapter and celebrating London in Shanghai.

Here you can see below the chapter 3, the sartorial London.

 Creating customer’s loyalty

It is really hard to create customer’s loyalty and above all with Chinese customers because what is trendy now, will probably not be trendy in the future.

So, you have to optimize all the possible tools for you to increase your chances to make your customers become loyal to your brand, this means innovative, creative and unique content and know how to optimize your content on multi social platforms.

Nike has succeed to optimize its contents on many supports, first on Wechat with its successful campaign on Wechat allowing users to customize their own shoes. How? You can just take a picture of what you like and Nike will link this picture to a pair of sneakers by respecting the colors code of the picture.

freestart campaign

Nike is also using in an efficient video marketing tool, for the campaign better for it enhancing effort and pushing girl to do more exercises.

Nike has successfully upload constant sensitive and pertinent content.

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