The Key role of e-reputation in the cosmetic market in China

One of the new trends in the cosmetics market in China is that the Internet plays an important role because of its frequent use in everyday life. The e-reputation is the reputation of brands or products on the internet, it can be the comments on cosmetics forums and on weibo; the valuations on websites for the cosmetics; the presentations of the great bloggers; the press relations online; or the sale ranking list on the websites of cosmetic e-commerce … In a word, it exists in almost every corner of the Internet.

Good PR is essential for a good e-reputation

Presses have become electronic nowadays. There are several professional websites for the informations about the cosmetics and some feminine digital magazines that own a large number of visitors. The journalists can make the presentations of brands and products, the professional assessments and some statistics to be more persuasive and win the trust of readers, the users’ comments which can be closer and realer for the public; and moreover, there are also the special pages for some popular brands.

The most popular websites for the cosmetics in China are as Kimiss, Yoka, Meilishuo, Pclady …


Weibo, the first social media in China, is a bomb for the e-reputation

Sina Weibo is the first most popular social media which has more than 500 million users in China. It is an efficacious way to touch many targets and prospects with a low price. But it is difficult to do the communication on weibo. If we manage well, no doubt, it is favorable for the e- reputation and the development of the brand in China, otherwise weibo can be a source that degrades the reputation of brands and causes the lost of the customers .


The sales ranking list on the websites of e-commerce shows the e-reputation

Except the brands’ own official websites of e-commerce, there are also some great websites for the cosmetic e-commerce, such as Jumei , Lefeng , Taobao , Tmall , Amazon, Jingdong … Each site has its sales ranking and user reviews. Many Chinese people have the view that ” things sold well are the good things.” So the ranking list shows the e-reputation.


Having a view of the informations before buying is a consumption custom of the Chinese, so the e-reputation is a very important factor that can influence directly the marketing in China.

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