Today , most of companies try to include internet mobile marketing in their business. In China e-commerce is a very big maket and the way of doing shopping is completely different.Indeed , people use their mobile phone to buy things and more on their phone rather than their laptops.

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The unavoidable social media : Wechat

Wechat has a significant weight in China. Consequently, it is fanciful to think about success without including WeChat in your strategy. The app counts 1 billion users which by the same way shows the massive number of users of mobile phone in general in China. According to iReaserch 92% of online a  huge part of We chat is used for advertising purpose. WeChat is a must have in China for business. The app offers many possibilities.  Having an official account allows you to spread promotional messages, win new followers but also to led people to your official websites thanks to links. You have the possibility to advertise your product and services in Wechat Moments ads. Tecent’s app has is in a very good position to continue to dominate the market.  The app is used a lot for shopping and entertainment outlet.

Wechat also allow to know the location of the users which is a very powerful tool. Consequently , you can make perfect ads to target the consumers you want depending on a specific area. In reality , it means that for example when a user is closed to a shop , you have the possibility to offer him or her a specific discount.

In addition , we can count a growing number of shop which can follow the position of visitors with extremely high precision via thanks to apps or mobile floor guides. For instance in China many stores highly recommend costumers to connect with a floor guide via Wechat. This allows them to see the trajectory of shoppers. This is a good way to boost business. When you track users, you have the occasion to collect a very significant quantity of data and automating the whole process.

Collecting data on your target

Tracking users online leads enormous amounts of data for marketers. Concerning mobile, integrate  a location dimension creates even more information that can be extremely useful. The difficulty can be seen in in analyzing huge quantity of data and automating the whole process. Big industry players have been heavily investing  to make some order of these data. Once again,  the Chinese government has strongly support and encouraged companies to invest  like Baidu and Tencent.

Being able to efficiently handle  vast amounts of data generated by mobile  will further advance targeting capabilities of mobile marketing.

In marketing it is always about targeting a specific group of person. Therefore, it is essential to have most accurate strategy to reach you target. For you communication campaign and so for your marketing strategy, establishing a persona could be very helpful. In this way, you can draw the most suitable approach for every category of people in your general target. If the segment is small , then you have more chance to get feed back.

It’s important to keep in mind that China is the world’s largest mobile population. Not only the market is very big but it also grows quickly. So it has an enormous potential for mobile marketing’s growth. It stems from that the importance to integrate in your annual plan a marketing strategy for mobile phone.

In China the content is a very important aspect

The evolution of the market is also characterized by the way people have access and use the internet. According to some studies led by CNNIC’s research approximately the half of the Chinese population is using the internet. In term  of percentage , this is nothing compared to the United States. Indeed the American people are approximately 87% of the whole population to be connected to the internet. But because China has an impressive number of inhabitant it still interesting. People in China use a lot the internet on their mobile phone. In United States, United Kingdom or in other European countries they do not use as much internet on their mobile phone.

We can make a comparison with the British market to highlight the specificity of the Chinese market. Chinese consumers shop a lot online rather than offline. This is why they are more sensitive to respond to mobile advertisement. This trend is positive for mobile marketing. However, it is very important to take into account the cultural differences in phone use China in comparison to western countries. You need to  consider the local design trends on social media which are completely different. Then if you keep in mind the special feature you can tailor a good marketing campaign with a powerful.


What you could need while doing your mobile marketing strategy ?

An appropriate e-commerce plan

If you decide to launch an e-commerce business, you will need a good analysis of the market in order to see if if the good period and also the good location for your business. Our report will also show you the challenges you might face. This analysis is also needed in order to observe the behavior  of your target. We can also help you with the design of your website or mobile application for example. It is important to choose an attractive and accurate design.

SEO advices

You should know that in China , Google is not allowed. Consequently you should optimize your website in order to be visible on Baidu. Our agency will offer you a comprehensive range of services related to this task.If you create a new platform we can provide you language services because Baidu always show first the result in Chinese. It goes without saying that backlinks are also essentiel because they increase the visibility of your website.

Moreover, one should notice the increasing demand for qualitative content. Indeed , Chinese people are used to see very frequently a lot of ads. Because It works very well more and more Chinese people get involved into mobile marketing. This sector offers many lucrative opportunities.

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