How to Use Youku, the Chinese Youtube

China is one of the most connected countries in the world. Chinese people live and breathe with social media apps. Every day they post on social media, look at videos on streaming and video platforms, share content. Chinese are a digital nation. If you want to attract your target, you need to know which online platforms your consumers use and which are the most effective. In this article, I will explain to you why you need to be present on Youku, the Chinese Youtube.


Youku 优 酷 is often called the Youtube of China. Yes, like Youtube, it’s a video hosting service. In China, Youku is one of the most important online video and streaming service platforms. In the Chinese social media ranking, Youku in 2020 is in the top seven online video platforms below iQIYI.

Youku offers a lot of services and it’s a tool for you to promote your brand and advertise.


In a country where international social media are blocked, Youku is very appreciated by users. Chinese people are really addicted to online video and streaming platforms. They love to watch and share videos on their favorite social media. It’s one of the most frequent online activities of Chinese users.

Chinese users spend an average of 4 hours each week watching and searching for videos online. They mostly watch movies, series, TV shows, documentaries, sports shows…

Youku accounts for about 340 million users in 2015. Most of the users are males of 30 years old and more. in 2018 accounted for more than 580M active users (2018)

2020 data showed 100 million visits with an average visit duration of 05:41 minutes

data from 2019 show us the monthly retention rate of the users generated thee video platform from June to August.


If you have to know one thing about the Chinese market it’s that content is a king. In China, contrary to other countries, content is really important. Content has to be rich, high quality, and specific. Chinese people spend a lot of time looking for information about all topics. Before buying something they will enquire online to be sure. Due to all the scandals, Chinese consumers need to be reassured.

So, contrary to youtube where most of the videos are created by amateurs, on Youku you have a lot of professionals. That’s why you have a lot of movies and TV shows on the platform. In China, the viewing rate is more important on the internet than on TV. That explains why Youku is so popular and is synonymous with quality in the Chinese mind.

This aspect highlight one important thing for you. Advertise on Youku can give a good image of your brand because you are linked to the quality of the support and because it’s a media platform with a lot of traffic.

However, in China, TV is controlled by the government that’s why the viewing rate is not very good and young consumers just boycott TV.

You need to post your videos on Youku.


You can use Youku in a different manner to promote your brand.


Your ad is displayed before the start of the video of the user.


They are less expensive than pre-roll ads because users can skip your ad. The ad is displayed at the end of the video.


It can be displayed at the bottom, at the top, or at the middle of the page.


Ads are displayed in the middle of the page. Users need to scroll down to see your ad.


The cheapest ads but not sure the most effective. Users have to scroll all the pages until the bottom to find your Advertising.

You have very different manners to touch your consumers. You can find the type of ad which matches the best with your needs and your budget.

However, you need to know one important drawback of Youku ads. Contrary to Youtube where you can target specific users, Youku is more limited. It’s at this time impossible to target specific users because the platform has not had the tools to analyze the user’s preferences. When you broadcast your ad, it will be seen by all Youku users. You touch a lot of people but have no specific target. It could be less effective and expensive.

But don’t be worried, in China, you have many other social media more effective than the others.

It’s very important before starting a Youku campaign to understand Youku’s power and functions. Advice: work with specialists in the Chinese market, they understand how it works and can help you find the best advertising strategy to promote your brand on the Chinese market.


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