How to Use Weibo in English: A Simple Guide for Foreigners

Weibo in English

Weibo, one of the most powerful social media platforms in China should be added to any marketing strategy if businesses are looking for ways to expand in the Chinese market.

Though Weibo is a hugely popular platform in China, foreign companies know only little about it and its marketing potential. Before you can build a successful marketing strategy for Weibo, you need to understand the basics of how it works. In this article, we will cover that information for you.

Signing up for Weibo in English 

If you want to use Weibo in English, the first step is to create an account and simply sign up. Here is the link for your guide on signing up. This guide covers all the information about setting up a Weibo account from outside of China.

How to use Weibo in English: 3 options

Since you have successfully done with opening your account, you can use it in English in an instant.

There are three ways to do this:

  • You can access your account in English using the Weibo mobile application 
  • You can log in to your account through Weibo online through the web 
  • You can also download and use the Weibo International application

Setting up the Weibo app for English

Using the Weibo application in English is pretty straightforward. The good news is it works on iOS and Android. Check the screenshots below to guide your way.

Get the app on the app stores available in your country. You can find the Weibo app in your app store. Just search for it and click ‘download’.

Weibo in English

Sign in to your account and enter your Weibo login details to access your account.

Weibo in English

In your account find the account settings options. After logging in, tap on the me icon located on the navigation bar. Once there, select the icon on the right corner of your screen

Weibo in English

Next, find and select ‘Settings’ from the drop-down menu. Set your language option to English. 

Weibo in English

After you select the ‘Settings’ option, scroll down to find the ‘Language’ options on the down part of the list. Click on it and choose ‘English’.

Weibo in English

You can now use the Weibo app in your language- how easy is that?

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Setting up a Weibo website account for English

Sign in to your account. On, you can log in by entering your information on the right.

Find the settings in your account. In the top right corner of the screen, click on the icon. The first selection as you see in the image below is ‘account settings’ in Mandarin.

For accessing your preferences, simply tap the cog and heart icon on the left side. This will direct you the to account preference page.

Weibo online pages are now accessible in English.

Setting Weibo International App for English

Weibo Global is the perfect solution for overseas account holders. Not only does it automatically translate user-based content, but it also provides unique in-app experiences that are easy to understand.

Get the app from the app store. To get Weibo International, go to your app store and type in ‘Weibo International’. Download the app once it pops up.

You don’t need to make another account; you can access Weibo International the With the login details you already have for Weibo.

Use the translate option. Tap ‘See Translation’ beneath individual Weibo posts to automatically receive a translation in an instant.

You can easily change your language and translation settings to English by going to the ‘Me’ icon on the corner, selecting ‘general’, and then changing your phone’s preferences.

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