How to Use WeChat Groups for Marketing Purposes ?

WeChat groups for marketing
WeChat groups for marketing

For anyone working with Chinese business partners, you know how important apps are in China. Smartphones play a big role in Chinese people’s lives. In fact, some daily life necessities cannot be completed without the use of these apps!

This is particularly true for WeChat. WeChat, the super-app of China, is utilized for many different purposes by millions of Chinese people every single day. What makes WeChat a superpower is that it is an all-inclusive app, covering functions that you would normally need several different apps to serve.

In this blog post, we will cover the topic of WeChat groups and present some tips on how to use them for marketing purposes.

What are WeChat Groups?

WeChat groups are basic chat groups for individuals to get together around a specific topic. From small groups of close friends and family to much larger professional networks WeChat group chat sizes can differ.

You can use various WeChat groups for all sorts of purposes, from sharing specific information with a business professional for marketing purposes to simply connecting and chatting.

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How are WeChat groups significant for your business?

WeChat is integral for businesses attempting to reach consumers and Wechat users in China as well as increase brand awareness and sales. A key advantage of using WeChat is the high engagement from members; meaning that more people will see your messages.

To begin with, it might be time-consuming to find groups based on your interest or that are related or relevant to your brand’s business in China but joining a WeChat group is always worth the effort. There are a numberless amount of groups out there that will serve as a great marketing space for you.

Best ways to use WeChat groups for marketing and promoting your business.

Create your own group

You can set up your own WeChat groups once you’re familiar with how they work. You are the leader, it’s your responsibility to keep the conversations going by posting relevant messages regularly. If you’re not available all the time, you can use schedule options to post messages ahead of time (find them in group settings).

Also, start discussions about topics related to your products or industry to get people talking. And finally, don’t forget that you can remove anyone from the group who isn’t using it appropriately, not following the group rules, or whose presence could damage the brand in some way.

WeChat groups for marketing

Create exclusive sales for the group

WeChat groups are magic when it comes to connecting with customers. Brands can alert their customers about exclusive discounts, promotions, special deals, or quick sales. Sales associates of the brand send messages to the group.

Group member receives this message like receiving a message from a friend. It is indeed more effective than receiving messages from a brand name.

Add influencers to your group

Adding a group member who would influence the other members is a very effective way to increase your brand’s awareness. These influencers will be highly active in the group, promoting the brand by joining discussions and adding new members or simply answering back text messages.

These influencers are engaged customers of your brand and are the backbone of any profitable business. You can show your appreciation for their efforts in recruiting new members by sending them a small gift.

Automate your frequently asked questions

Your customers will surely ask you some questions. How about creating an informative introduction for your group members (no matter the group size) about the things they would like to know? Automating your frequently asked questions will not only save you plenty of time and resources in the long run but also make your brand look more professional.

How do WeChat groups work?

Sending invitations

To join a WeChat group, you have to be invited by another member of the group. You can’t discover groups independently. One of your contacts or your friends who are already in the group has to add you by your WeChat ID.

For groups with less than 100 people, you can be invited with a QR code. Or else you have to be invited directly through the app. The best way to learn about which groups exist is probably just to ask your network of friends and contacts in China, particularly those who live in the same city as you.

WeChat groups for marketing

Setting the admins

The person who creates the group automatically becomes its leader. The leader is akin to an administrator, with the power to add and remove members from the chat as they see fit. You can identify who the current group leader is by clicking on group information on the right top of your screen.

The group leader can have more WeChat groups, there is no limit, and he can be the leader of other groups as well.

Managing the size of the groups

A WeChat group is limited to 500 members. Up to 100 members can be added without restriction, but after that, an invitation must be accepted before the person joins the group.

If a group reaches its 100-person limit, then anyone wishing to join must link their bank account to their WeChat if they want to access it. This promotes people using the WeChat wallet for payments and enables businesses bigger opportunities to direct customers to other WeChat shopping channels such as WeChat mini-programs.

Setting sticky on top feature

Using the Sticky on the top option, you can keep the specific group on top of your WeChat app. This is handy to access the group quickly if you are active in it.

Muting notifications

Setting the mute notifications on, this setting is useful when you end up in a group that is very noisy and sends irrelevant text messages all the time. It can be annoying and distractive. With this setting, you can mute the group without leaving it together.

Saving WeChat group to your contacts list

This setting allows you to add the WeChat group to your contacts list. This can be beneficial for businesses that need to quickly send messages to multiple groups since they’ll be compiled in an easily accessible list.

Using QR codes

You can join groups by scanning their QR code with your phone. This is a quick and easy way to find new groups or promote your own group by sharing and promoting your unique QR code on your space.

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WeChat groups for marketing: Advertise on WeChat with our help!

WeChat is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. It allows you to reach out to potential customers who are already using the platform and engage with them in a variety of ways.

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