How To Start Advertising on Douyin?

How To Start Advertising on Douyin?
How To Start Advertising on Douyin?

Douyin is insanely popular in China, and its supreme infrastructure provides advertisers with many opportunities to show their ads to niche audiences that are more likely to be interested. In fact, ‘short-video platforms’ is the most popular category of mobile apps in China today.

International brands that want to expand in China have to comprehend how to advertise on Douyin effectively. Douyin marketing is truly an exciting opportunity for brands to improve their visibility and reach out to a potential consumer group in the world’s biggest market.

What makes Douyin an ideal advertising platform?

Douyin short video app

Gen Z and Millennials are leading Douyin

Millennials and Gen Zs, with their high purchasing power and ultimate enthusiasm for shopping, make up the most valuable consumers in China. And their most preferred app, Douyin, provides an atmosphere that is highly favorable to ads.

Audience targeted with precision

Douyins ad targeting capabilities are very accurate and allow brands to reach the target audience with precision. Offering various creative ad format options, Douyin ads easily capture attention and drive results effectively.

The constant flow of videos: an uninterrupted advertising opportunity

Douyin is like a platform that is almost entirely made up of advertising. The users are not annoyed by advertising because the format of the ads they watch incorporates the rest of the content.

The audience comes to the platform to watch short entertaining videos, get influenced, and purchase things that would make them happy.

Brands have a plethora of ad types to choose from

The Douyin advertising system has been designed to offer a comprehensive approach to meet advertisers’ goals. It offers an array of targeting options that allow brands to reach their desired audiences.

What types of ads run on Douyin?

How To Start Advertising on Douyin?

Here are the most effective types of Douyin advertising options;

1. Open-screen ads

This type of ad is a full-screen display ad that comes as either a poster or a video. Both formats only stay on the screen for a couple of seconds, fill the entire screen, and can have background music.

These ads are the most natural-looking ads and the audience will only receive this type of ad 4 times a day.

Popular among luxurious names there is no doubt that brand-take over ads has a massive impact on the audience.

With Douyin’s open-screen ads, brands can easily produce a visually appealing form of storytelling that is highly engaging for users. This increases brand presence, brand favors, recommendations, and of course audiences intention of buying the products

2. Feed in ads

Feed-in ads come in the form of content that is displayed in a user’s feed every day. it is integrated naturally and can lead to high engagement levels since it is included in the native organic newsfeed and mimics the style of user-generated content.

Feed-in ads show up on the fourth-page refresh and can be either a photo or video. They come with a message and add a link that goes to the brand’s home page, website, or app.

Similar to regular posts, users can comment on and share feed ads—which is a great way to expand the brand’s audience.

3. Sticker ads

A verified business account on Douyin is also given access to custom stickers for their brand. These stickers can be added to ad campaigns.

A sticker campaign involves a brand creating custom stickers that can be superimposed on user videos. Users can select these stickers from the menu.

If brands want to create a viral sensation with their stickers, they must design stickers that are native, relevant, and engaging. Don’t just make them ads – think about what users will find fun or interesting.

Steps to create a successful Douyin advertising campaign

How To Start Advertising on Douyin?

1. Get to know your audience

You must understand your audience when planning your brand strategy. Consider what they wish from your brand and how you can deliver on those expectations. Using sentiment analysis helps you understand what your followers want so that you can market to them more effectively. Douyins’ primary demographic is young people who love innovative and fun content. Make your post colorful, relatable, and applicable to their interests.

2. Get the most out of Douyin advertising features 

Douyin offers a range of features to enhance your advertising. Douyins’ native video ads, influencers, and hashtag challenges can help you reach a broad audience while also providing more engaging content. Douyin’s advanced algorithm allows you to target specific audiences with special interests relevant to your brand.

3. Discover social media influencers that fit your brand

Douyin influencers have large and highly engaged audiences, making them the perfect vehicle for reaching your target market.

The Douyin platform provides powerful tools for tracking and measuring the success of your campaigns, allowing you to determine how well Douyin influencers performed in helping you reach your goals.

By utilizing Douyin influencers, brands can better connect with their target customers and increase brand awareness and loyalty. Douyin influencers can help build trust in your product or service, ensure customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive more sales.

What is the average cost of a Douyin ad?

The cost of advertising on Douyin is variable and determined by several factors, including your targeted audience, the format of your ad, and your industry. Most ad prices begin at $10.00 per CPM, but this figure will differ based on how competitive your field is.

How Much Should You Pay Influencers?

On average, influencers on TikTok are paid $25-30 for every thousand followers they have. The most influential KOLs in China, however, make around $1,000 to $10,000 per post.

How products are sold on Douyin?

The most usual selling offers of Douyin influencers are Taobao stores. By just having 10 videos, any person can lead traffic to their store on Taobao.

Douyin has teamed up with popular e-commerce platforms such as and Tmall to launch mini-applications on the relevant platforms. These programs can also be accessed by scanning QR codes using the messaging app WeChat.

Not to mention, Douyin has a built-in e-commerce system. Items can directly be purchased from the app with ease. Connecting your store to other apps in the ByteDance ecosystem; such as Toutiao app or Xigua, for wider reach is also among the possibilities.

We can help your brand to create a presence with Douyin Advertising!

Investing in Douyin Ads is an efficient way to increase brand awareness within China and boost sales. We are here to help you get started with Douyin Advertising!

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We offer comprehensive Douyin advertising services that include setting up campaigns, managing budgets, optimizing ad delivery, as well as monitoring performance metrics such as cost per click, return on investment, and cost per acquisition. Our Douyin advertising experts will use their experience to help you make the most of Douyin Advertising for your business.

Contact us today to find out more about Douyin Advertising and how we can help you get started!

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