China’s sleep-aid market is growing, as people are spending increasing amounts of money on products that can help them get a better night’s rest.

China’s young people are suffering from poor quality of sleep.


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The most popular sleep products sold online are eye masks, earplugs. Apart from traditional products, consumers from major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are more interested in new types of sleep aids, including melatonin, enzymes, sprays, and smart devices.

Chinese sleep aids products market is booming

Means to overcome sleeping problems perceived as most effective in China as of June 2019

As the process of China’s urbanization accelerates, high-quality sleep has become a must.

The average sleep time in China is 6.92 hours, and the proportion of the post-90s with insomnia was 36.7% in 2019, so sleep products have broad market prospects.

A recent report from the Chinese Sleep Research Society showed that currently, 24.6% of Chinese people suffer from sleep disorders, and the sleep quality of 94.1% of the public does not meet the healthy standard.

The average annual online sales revenue growth of sleep aids, such as bedding, sleep-monitoring devices and supplements, has surpassed 10%, according to the latest report by Shanghai-based research firm CBNData.

The Chinese sleep aids market is driven by the younger generations

Those born after 1990 are getting worse sleep than the older generation

Purchase behavior differs according to age. The report found that people aged over 40 are more likely to use treatment-based remedies such as natural foods and supplements, while those born in the 1980s want to improve their sleeping environment, spending a lot of money on high-end mattresses, bedding, and pillows.

In addition, those born in the 1990s tend to buy products such as eye masks and sprays.

As noted in the CBN Data report, people are buying sleep aids because they are becoming increasingly aware of their sleep problems.

Covid-19 impact on health products in China

During COVID-19, consultation orders for insomnia and sleep improvement experts increased over 10 times y-o-y on JD Health’s online medical consultation platform.

Since the pandemic started, Chinese consumers are more attentive to their health and recognize the importance of eating and sleeping well.

Online sales of sleep aids products are growing strongly

The ongoing urbanization combined with exhausting working hours led to a huge request for sleep aids.

The online consumption of sleep products has grown by more than 10% compared with the same periods in former years.

That’s why the foreign brands of sleep aids must know the Chinese e-commerce platforms and launch their products on them.


What are the marketing solutions to sell your sleeping aids product in China?

Are you a foreign sleep aids company that wants to enter the Chinese market?

Build your e-reputation and then Focus on the online

Chinese consumers will Baidu “Sleeping Aids Brand/Products”

Create your Chinese website so that Chinese consumers can find your company and can read about your brand story and can see your products.

The best tips for your website are the following:

  • The content must be translated into Chinese so that Chinese consumers can understand it;
  • It must be hosted in China, to avoid slow loading of the pages;
  • Content must be localized and adapted to Chinese tastes;
  • You must have an ICP license

Since Baidu is really different from Google, we can help you to create your own website.

Create your WeChat official account to create a community of followers

WeChat is a super-app, similar to Whatsapp. It has 1,08 billion active users every month, more than 1,5 million active brands, more than 17 million official accounts, and it is used for 86% by people of 18-40 years old.

The app enables companies to create an “official account” to promote their company. Having a service account allows your brand to send 4 push notifications every month to your consumers. They will receive the messages as if they were sent by any other person.

This is the best way for a brand to create a community, gain followers, and being actively engaged with them. As you can also sell your products on WeChat, it is very convenient for the user to directly purchase something on your WeChat account.

WeChat has so many functions like WeChat CRM that can be used as a replacement for a newsletter or WeChat H5 brochure that is great for product listing and company introduction. It is easy to share, it can be a substitution of our Pdf, that in China doesn’t work. It is cost-efficient and easy to share.


Small and medium enterprises should opt for the following e-commerce platforms because the most common ones, Tmall and are very expensive.

Promote your Sleeping aids products on WeChat mini-program

In China, one of the most growing trends is that of social commerce. It consists of integrating social platforms with e-commerce platforms. This concept, especially appreciated by younger consumers, arises from the need to find alternative ways to classic electronic commerce.

Mini-commerce on WeChat provides exactly this possibility for brands, successfully entering the social commerce trend.

The WeChat mini-commerce, therefore, presents itself as an alternative channel to e-commerce platforms or marketplaces.

Within them, users can enjoy an optimized shopping experience. In fact, they also offer a whole series of additional features to the classic e-commerce. Among them, we find, for example, the personalization of products. Then there are also the offer of gift cards and discount codes and the possibility of making group purchases.

Consider Xiaohongshu for your sleep aids products

It is social commerce. The user can buy the products directly from the platform. It has more than 200 million users and it’s growing a lot.

It is a mix of Instagram, Pinterest, and Amazon. It is based on a “content-driven” model, which gives great importance to content. It was born as a shopping guide. It mainly attracts consumers who reward quality and authenticity.

While in the traditional e-commerce platforms the user enters when he is interested in a product, in social commerce the user enters even also for diversion.  60% of users are Millennials or Generation Z and more than 70% live in first or second-tier cities. 85 % of users are women.

There are five types of posts:

  • tutorials (how to use a product),
  • comparison (differences between a product and another),
  • before/after (pictures of before and after and explanation on how to obtain the result),
  • story (the Kol tells a personal story that can educate the user),
  • guide (a wish list of the products the Kol wants to buy).

Pinduoduo: a good option for your sleep aids products


It is famous for its group buying function, it’s one of the most important e-commerce platforms after Tmall and Jd. It is based on the model of social commerce.

One of its strong points is the cheap price and discounts. In fact, generally, the products on the platform have very low prices. Furthermore, users can take advantage of the group buying function to further lower prices.

For this reason, Pinduoduo is particularly appreciated by the most attentive consumer groups, usually residing in small and medium-sized centers.

In general, the platform provides its users with the most social experience possible thanks to various gimmicks. Among them, we can find not only group purchases but also rewards and rewards systems and interactive games.

These solutions help keep user engagement high and stimulate both their on-platform stay and their propensity to shop.

Douyin: don’t neglect live-streaming

Douyin is the Chinese version of TikTok, and it’s an application to create and share short videos (about 15 seconds) with music in the background.

It has 300 million users per month; 150 million users per day; 85% of users born in the 1990s and 70% of users live in tier 1 and tier 2 Chinese cities.

Brands invest in partnerships with renowned KOLs(Key Opinion Leaders)similar to our influencers to increase visibility and develop brand loyalty. Chinese users find catchy short videos from KOL on Douyin. Douyin in China, compared to Tik Tok elsewhere, is an effective marketing means to reach users-consumers.

Users are encouraged to immediately buy what they see sponsored by KOLs and are directed to purchase in-App. Usually, the decision to finalize the purchase is taken in a few seconds, so this sales method works best with products with a medium-low price. In fact, they do not require long evaluations by the consumer.

Live streaming can be a great ally to sales. In fact, through live streaming, the KOLs carry out important content marketing and lead generation activity. This activity is aimed at the products of the brands present on Chinese e-commerce.

We think of the connection between the Taobao Live or Douyin live-streaming apps and the Tmall marketplace. Key Opinion Leaders describe the product’s live. They then provide a link that goes directly to the product page on the e-commerce platform to complete the purchase.


Contact Gma if you want to sell your sleep aids products in China

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