Baidu is a chinese Searche Engine, the most consulted in China, and the 5th most consulted website. It represents approximatively 80% of the market share currently. In comparison, Google only represents 4% while he is the leader in Europe.


However, natural ranking on Baidu is more difficult on Baidu and different than Google.

In fact, it’s more expensive, with a longer consideration with a more rude competition.

That explains difficulties for foreign companies through their website to have a good visibility on Chinese web because they didn’t really understand how Baidu works.


Our intervention fields:


« On site » optimization for Baidu


The importance of Metatitles


One of the most fundamental points Baidu bases itself on is the Metadata.

In fact, a coherent title, with relevant key words, allows to have an optimal positioning on the tag, even if the content is inconsistent.


Optimize the Meta


Another important thing for Baidu : Metadata (<meta description> and <meta keyword>) that helps to put Metadatas in a HTML page for the tools that can use it ( browsers, search engines or indexation tools.

So, we operate on the choice of these metadatas according to the most researched keywords on Baidu and his competitors.


Homepage power:


The website’s homepage and its content are really important for Baidu and you have to linker the target page to the homepage to appear.

We recommend to put a lot of links in header and footer like on all Chinese websites.


 baidu Chine


A 100% Chinese website:


Baidu prefers 100% chinese written websites and have difficults to distinguish several languages.

So, if we want to appear in priority and increase its visibility, we recommand a chinese homepage.

Besides, to improve its trustrank, it’s recommanded to have a .cn website but you need to have a company registred in China and long procedure to get it.

We recommend to have a simplified Chinese website, different than the english version.



A website hosted in China:

It’s really important to be hosted locally to have a good navigation in China because Baidu gives bonus to websites that makes it and a malus to websites hosted outside of China because government need to controle the information, and it’s better to have the possibility contact easily and quickly the host.

It’s essential to respect Chinese government’s censorship.


Interesting contents in quantity:

To increase visits, it’ important to propose interesting content for the user and quantity for Baidu. Local search engines will automatically gives importance to websites with many pages.


Offsite strategy for Baidu


Acquisition of links strategy :


  • Baidu will put in top of list websites with many backlinks
  • Baidu will also like trust and official links : newpapers, governements websites
  • Appear link doesn’t get much importance and it’s useless to look for an optimization for them
  • The URL doesn’t have much importance and most of the websites don’t have an optimizated URL.
  • The origin of the links doesn’t have much influence
  • According to our tests, « like » buttons don’t affect China’s ranking



Among our most important intervention fields, the fight for the purchase of the links on the chinese web, between thousands of local companies and Chinese SEO agencies.

We don’t sent any spam, but we have to adapt, to obtain the best results, and for that, we have to apply secret chinese techniques.

In general, we spend 80% of our « Off Site » time/budget to garanty a quality SEO on Baidu.



Who’s in charge of referencing in our agency?


  • First of all, strategy is proposed by the founder and manager, M. Olivier Verot.
  • In a second time, project management will be assigned to his associate M. Phillip Qian
  • Finally, one of our collaborators will be in charge of the executive part.


It’s important to know that for Baidu, the minimum time of service is 6 months for a minimum price of 5000 Rmb/month that can increase according to the keywords difficulty and to the work to do.

It’s also important to notice that :

  • There is more and more internet users : more than 620 Millions in 2015
  • There is more than 250 Millions of internet users who buy on Internet
  • Very few foreign websites are visible on Baidu


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