How to improve and optimize a CRM system in China?

It is very well known that CRM makes companies live a lot easier but is it really? While most enterprises have profited from customer relationship management system (CRM) projects, more than 65% of these CRM systems are not fully functional. This means that CRM does not deliver a greater ROI to the enterprise. So how can you maximize your ROI of the CRM system? Here are some best practices that have been proved:

Choose a cloud-based CRM solution.

Cloud-based CRM systems can run on any networked device with a browser. They are easy to implement even without IT support because they do not need to install software on hundreds or thousands of desktop computers and mobile devices, as native CRM does. Organizations around the world are discovering the benefits of moving data, software, and services to secure online environments.

All major CRM software vendors are cloud-based now, including Salesforce, which is the world’s premier CRM software vendor. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) model means that the enterprise no longer has to deal with the internal needs of CRM, which can achieve:

  • Faster deployment
  • Automatic software update
  • Reduce costs while expanding rapidly
  • Work anywhere, on any device
  • Enhance collaboration

Integrate with appropriate applications

One of the major challenges that many organizations often face when providing services or evaluating performance to customers is how to connect various kinds of data stored in different locations. You may need to integrate social applications with the CRM system. These applications allow your company to track people, groups, and information, also capture data in real-time.

Support for the mobile office

Make it possible for your employees to work on the road- such as checking correspondence and managing contacts and accounts. This kind of mobile office allows you to easily access and pass information, so as to increase productivity without any increase in workload. Key information (such as sales, important historical records of service, and technical support) should achieve one-click access and need to cooperate with the back-office system, social networks, and web conferencing.

An excellent sales automation and mobile CRM system can provide you with the following basic functions:

  • You can use filters to get what you need quickly in your contacts list.
  • Capture key points and update easily
  • Make phone calls, send messages or e-mail directly from CRM software.
  • Emphasize the key problems affecting customers
  • Your opportunity list and sales pipeline
  • Your calendar
  • Your list of priorities for the day
  • Add a task management tool to collaborate with the rest of the team


Any successful business should be based on good customer relationships. Companies, salesmen, and customers who need your product or service need to be connected. These connections will become more complex as the company expands. The CRM system is such a system that can help enterprises improve efficiency, productivity, and ROI.

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