It can be difficult to do B2B business in China, because Chinese people have their special ways to function. There are steps to do when doing a good web marketing strategy.

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Here are the steps.

1. Awareness

First of all, you have to do awareness. Awareness is a step you can’t miss because it’s the one that will make you known. Awareness is about introducing your website and your products to the Chinese consumers or business men. Of course, before that you have to make a website. After making the website you have to work on the search engines, because it’s thank to them that people will find you to do business with you.


We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.

You can do SEO: search engine optimization. It will allow you to appear on the first results of the search engine. SEO can be done by a web marketing agency. SEM is search engine marketing. If SEO is free if you do it yourself, SEM is paying. It’s also about making you appear on the first results, but also on the results sponsored that will appear on the top of the page and on the right with the other sponsored links. To introduce yourself to the more people possible, you have to be on the Social Medias.

Nearly every internet users are on the Social Medias. The most used are Weibo, a microblogging platform were you can write short articles, and WeChat, a messaging application that also includes a news feed. Being on these Social Medias will allow you without any doubt to be famous, because everything is shared on these platforms, and Chinese people like to share their findings. You can also be on the forums that Chinese people like. They like to have information about products or services, and business men will look a lot at the forums because they have the reviews of the consumers and the business men. A company that react on the Social Medias is well seen by the other companies because it shows that it can be trust.


Press relations

You have to do PR, or press relations. PR will complement what you publish on the Social Medias and will allow consumers and companies to be up-to-date with your information. Keeping a blog can be a way to do PR. In this PR you can write articles about your company, interviews of the consumers and even proposal of partnerships. Companies are like consumers: before doing business with you they will want to know if you are a good company and that you are reliable. PR is a good way to show them what you really are.

You can do data marketing to reach the more people possible in a more professional and formal way, by sending emails, SMS and push. Multimedia can be add to the data marketing as the PR and the Social Medias. Multimedia (like photos, videos and infographic) will allow your targets to know you more, in a way more comfortable. Indeed, photos, videos or info graphs can explain better something than just words, and people will prefer to see a video rather to read a long text.


Ecommerce China sales process awareness

2.      E-reputation

E-reputation is the reputation you have on Internet. In China particularly it’s essential when doing B2B business. It’s the first thing that companies which want to do business with you will see. If this ereputation is bad or non-existing, companies won’t want to do business with you as they will think you are not reliable. Ereputation is about giving prospect a good image of you. To do that, you can work on the design of your website, a beautiful website is always more appreciated than a non –attractive website. What you have to add is recommendations of previous users; indeed it will make companies comfortable about your intentions and they will have direct reviews.

You have to add the more things possible to your website about your services and your products, because they will think that you are telling everything on your services or products and that nothing is hidden. You can use KOL, key opinion leaders: they are people usually on the Social Medias that publish a lot of things and give their ideas and opinions. They are followed by a lot of people that will believe them. You can work with them as you can work with stars: they will promote you.



More on e-reputation here


3.      Create the need

You will have to create the need of companies to work with you. It work the same with the consumers when you want to create the need to purchase the product. If a lot of people buy your products or use your services, it will give ideas to other companies and they will want to do business with you. So, to give people a god reason to purchase your product, you can do advertisements: on the advertisements you can put slogan, that will be stuck in the minds of the consumers and make them buy your products and no other because they will remember your brand. Testimonials and positive comment are good to show people that other people bought your products and they are very happy with it. You can also set up discounts to attract consumers.

Ecommerce China sales process create the need

4. Purchasing process

You can analize your purchaser to known exactly who he is: it will allow you to target better your future partner by searching for purchaser who have the same profile. It will be a gain of time. To analize it you can do analytics, social listening and buyer journey mapping.


Ecommerce China sales process purchasing process


Loyalty is present on every business, B2B or B2C, and it’s one of the most important step in a commerce. Loyalty will make a purchaser a repeat buyer, and it’s very important for every business to have a loyal customer on which we can count. To make customer and partners loyal you can write newsletter, also publish news on the Social Medias they have like WeChat or Weibo. You have to aware them of the company values because customers like when they fully understand a brand. With special offers and a VIP system you can make people loyal to you.


Ecommerce China sales process loyalty

6. Recommandation

Having loyal customers is good, but having more customers is even better. When your customers or partners begin to recommend your websites to their friends or partners is the consecration of the process. This shows that they are satisfied by your services or products and that they want people to discover you.

Ecommerce China sales process recommandation

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