customized campaign page for Dabao on Pclady

Dabao Teach You How To Promote New Product On Weibo

Different from the general moisturizing brands who appeal customers by talking their healthcare concept, high technology they use and packaging, Dabao continue its own skin care philosophy, “simple practical caring”. Dabao’s target is on the young consumers from 19 to 30 years.

On 15th July 2013, Dabao publishes this product on Tmall. Following is a pure campaign online.

This campaign is mainly held on Sina Weibo where they can find most of their targets: young female. To appeal their targets, Dabao tries many solutions such as creating a lovely cartoon image “water molecules doll”. At the same time, Dabao also contacts KOLs famous as skin care specialists among young ladies, and thus they will present a user experience to their community. To maximize the effect of the campaign, a box of the new product and a lovely Doll will  be given for free for part of the people who share it on Weibo. Besides user experience, they also create and diffuse some interesting videos and in 2 months, they’ve got over 1.1 million views.


dabao weibo campaign pageThe weibo page of the campaign

Dabao also chooses online media such as PcLady which is one of the most influential online media among female products,  and also promote themselves on some specializerd forums like 55BBS via KOLs who are famous skin care specialists.

customized campaign page for Dabao on Pclady
customized campaign page for Dabao on Pclady

User “Lilith911桑桑” on Pclady said that she usually uses Dabao SOD to moisturize  skin before. This new product brings her a fresh new experience from the previous product.

User “Kangkang”, the Chief editor of 55BBS said that winter is coming, he is facing the problem of the dry weather in Beijing, while after using the product, he feels that every pore is filled up with water. The new product can exert a great effect to moisturizing skin.

User “肥鸡甜甜” on Pclady said that the new product is effective in terms of water replenishing and moisturizing.

user experience from KOL
user experience from KOL

In this campaign, Dabao has taken use of the three most effective online marketing tools: Key Opinion Leaders, online PR and social media, and they seems to know very well what kind of information can attract their target, young cosmetics consumers: user experience, video, and free gifts. On the other side, the cost of the campaign is also very important factor to take into consideration in terms of cost efficiency, while as a 100% online promotion, it has no chance to be a cash burning campaign.

For companies who wants to build a brand while can’t afford continuous traditional media publications or celebrities, this campaign from Dabao can be a good approch to try.


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  1. Good article ! Would be good to know which of vidéo, free gifts or KOL comments on BBS are driving the most users to dabao. We are launching an healthcare related app and are keen to get your opinion on our campaign which is about to start !

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