China : how to Build Brands in 2020 during the epidemic crisis?

Building a Brand in 2020 during the crisis is a big challenge, but here we have some tips for your Brand…

How to Build a Brand in 2020

The current epidemic situation of coronavirus is a stress test for plenty of brands. As they say, Good times build confidence, while bad times build confidence and strong character. At this time only the strongest and fittest will survive. So how to build the brand in the Crisis? This article will help you to find out the details and nuances of Branding in 2020.

Thousands of brands have been pushed to prove the value of their existence. Especially what difference can those brands bring? The consumer will pay only for what is more valuable and meaningful. In times of crisis and challenge, one of the best branding strategies is to embrace and solve problems. At the moment, one of the biggest challenges for brands are short time, quick response, and quality delivery. This reflects the excellence of management and operational quality. The current situation showed brands that consumers become more demanding of safety and quality when the situation becomes more severe and serious. Neglecting any small details in this sense may cause irremediable consequences for brands.


Lots of brands have managed their message in a great and relevant way.  For instance, beauty company has been broadcasting safety recommendations. Moreover, the brand has launched the game mobile game ahead of its Valentine’s Day campaign as a way to ease the stress of citizens.

The brand that stood out from the crowd is Louis Vuitton, by posting a sincere and heartfelt message on their WeChat account: “Every paused journey will eventually restart. Louis Vuitton hopes you and your beloved ones stay safe and healthy.”

Versace has communicated their way to deliver a positive and supporting message. According to their spokesperson, they are “working with fashion media like Elle, and in collaboration with many other brands, to initiate a new campaign called ‘I believe’ which aims to spread messages of positivity.”

Consequently, brands should think seriously about what they can provide to Chinese consumers, and how they can reflect the support and positive attitude. This must be in front of the most applicable, target demographic for the Brands’ business proposition. The key is that the Chinese web is a unique ecosystem that requires a fresh and creative approach, right Chinese platforms should be chosen to build your visibility & reputation in order to target your consumers.


Consumers during the crisis do not pay attention to fancy and avant-garde marketing tactics. Hence, brands need to focus on building Trust and Reputation. the key is to manage trust Marketing in a right and centered way, by concentrating on the following things:

-Support the PR and Brand image building with action: do the right thing first, the publicity.

-Focus on strengthening trust, love, and loyalty.

-Ensure the quality delivery of new products and services.

-Leverage the influence of loyal customers by managing customer relationships.


This sensitive period time of crisis, remains the top challenge for branding and communication in 2020. The “Stay safe and Well” message is one of the biggest contributions to society during the crisis.  It sounds hard but brands should manage and find an equilibrium in Saying the right thing with the right tone at the right time.

Appropriate communication is Crucial:

-Meet needs with your best products and services.

-Speak with action

-Accountable and authentic Empathy.

-Talk with action (as they say actions speak first)

-Inspire with positive energy


During different stages of crisis development consumers’ needs and mindsets may differ. Therefore, brands shall plan out and manage in accordance. One of the first stages is the survival phase when brands need to deliver quick responses and solutions. The next one is the recovery phase, where brands should build Trust to respond to yet rational and prudent mindset. The last is the rebound phase, when brands may satisfy abandoned desires for consumption while still keeping in mind the cautious mindset of the consumer.


It is not a secret that during the “Home Stay” period such industries as gaming and video apps saw a great increase in demand. According to one report, 574 accounts on video platforms Douyin and Kuaishou have gained up to 500k new followers respectively between January 20 and February 2.

Simply brands have an opportunity to tap into this by creating branded apps, games, and videos. Health and fitness industries may create relevant content to engage consumers.


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