How to advertise Forex in China, and get results

Chinese people in their very nature are much into speculative businesses as they won’t miss any chance to win a single penny. Therefore, along with the whole population of China going digital, Forex companies are gaining their weight.

Baidu, a Chinese dominant search engine, monthly gets around 6 million requests concerning Forex.

Why is Chinese Forex market worth entering?

  • Government policies still manage to keep the Forex market in China stable;
  • Booming international commerce makes Forex market an indelible part of the Chinese economy;
  • China Forex market is growing at the rate of around 1.5 billion USD per month.

What seems difficult for Forex companies in China?

  • You should be careful with marketing and advertising on the whole when it comes to Forex;
  • Strict and changeable government rules;
  • Different technical system is China is rather challenging;
  • The market might seem risky at the moment because of the US-China trade war and Hongkong issues.

The market on the whole is not easy to enter. However, working with local representatives based in China is a good idea which is, besides, not restricted by the government in any way.

Dealing with a Forex company, local or foreign, is considered to be a risky routine. So to get a mere chance to succeed in the Chinese market it is vital to building up trust. Why is trust important? Imagine yourself being in their place:

  • You are into a risky affair, let’s say;
  • As a Chinese resident with good savings (dating back to your predecessors at times), you want to play big. Isn’t it fair that the risks are running even higher?
  • In a country of so many scams, would you feel secure to deal with someone you don’t know?

The most important point here is that Forex cannot be advertised directly. There should be a different way to let investors understand it is You they are looking for.

Building up trust is at the core of penetrating the Chinese market if you are a Forex company. If you want to get good Chinese clients you need to be smart to make smart people trust you. However, it is completely possible if you follow our instructions.

Start with a website (in Chinese)

A website is a tool to provide Chinese investors with more information about you. There is a list of requirements for a Good website for a Forex company in China:

  • It should be all designed in Chinese language because they want to be 100% clear of where their money go;
  • It should have a Chinese hosting to be easily accessible;
  • It should have a Click-to-Chat option to provide service at a pinch;
  • It should be informative and display your credits.

2. Launch a Baidu Campaign

Chinese businessmen will do thorough research before they invest. As long as China has no Google, they will address the powers on Baidu – the most popular Chinese search engine with 75% of all web search users. Therefore, it is vital to keep your company’s rank high there.

How to do it, you might ask. There are two ways.

  • Pay per Click strategy is a short term option which means that you pay to Baidu and they fill their top page with your ads. However, it runs out quite fast and might not attract the best investors.
  • Search engine optimization is a long-term strategy which proves to be more effective. Why? SEO means that you start to develop your reputation within the Chinese investor society.

You can also bet on a media Buying strategy if you want to reach millions of people.

3. Reputation goes first!

Forex is the industry with probably the worldwide record of scams

You have to invest in your reputation

  • Chinese people don’t like any risks;
  • Chinese people won’t trust your company if there are no other locals saying you are good;
  • Forex is a special field – you cannot trust just someone, right?

How to ensure a sound reputation in the Forex market in China?

Reputation starts were many people around you start to make positive comments about you. It is very important for Chinese investors to hear positive feedback about you to consider doing Forex trade with you.

  1. Forums

Chinese Forums have huge power in building up one’s reputation in the Forex market. Discussions within professional circles can launch a real buzz around you.

Among the popular Chinese Forums, the following should be mentioned:

  • Zhihu;
  • Douban, etc.
  1. PR

A press release is an important part of a reputation build-up. PR gives a feeling of being recommended by reputable and professional sources. We try our best to ensure a deluge of articles mentioning our clients to create a good image in front of Chinese investors.

  1. WeChat to sensitive your cold leads

WeChat is the most widely used social platform in China having 900 million active users. WeChat allows numerous posts in the group chats – groups of up to 500 people united by one aim or topic. Specialized group chats can allow relevant posts that act as promotions.

Posting Forex trade ads in investment and finance groups might be helpful in building up a reputation and generating more leads.

4. Testimonial

Collect testimonials of investors/clients that prove you are a trustful partner

All in all, Forex is not the easiest market to penetrate in China due to governmental regulations. However, strong demand for investment creates a conducive atmosphere and favorable conditions to cooperate.

  • We can help you make good use of these conditions and market yourself as a Forex company in China.
  • We have a 10-year experience of working with Chinese investors and can share our secrets with you.
  • Looking forward to seeing you at our office at your earliest convenience.
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