How Switzerland Attracted Tourists from China?



Switzerland is not a very attractive country in terms of tourism for us, Europeans , but for the Chinese, it is one of the best destinations in Europe.

Switzerland is a small country, without worldwide recognized monuments, no wonderful landscapes or beaches. And yet  this country attract hundreds of thousands of Chinese every year and is very popular in China for its mountains, cottages and luxury shops, especially for its watches.

According to the Federal Statistical Office of Switzerland, the number of tourists coming from the world decreased, but Chinese tourists in 2011 increased by 47%. The majority of Chinese tourists only stay a few days.

Thus many Swiss agencies specialized in organizing trips for Chinese have adapted their offers to Chinese tourists needs. They identified the most interesting places for this public and communicated on their strengths.



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Chinese do not have cottages in China. They appreciate these wooden houses with an incomparable charm.


Switz cottage


Switzerland is the land of cheese


Switzerland is the land of cheese for the Chinese, with their Gruyère, a natural cheese. Chinese people usually do not like dairy products, and generally eat only cheese with little taste.


switz cheese


Chinese like to discover the switzerland’s but agencies take good care to propose at least one Chinese meal per day to their Chinese visitors.


Switzerland’s Folklore


Chinese tourists like to bring thousands of funny pictures of them with Guillaume Tel’s costume, of the castle of Chillon or of women in traditional clothes.

That’s what we can see on the Chinese Internet !


Switz traditions


switz cows


Lausanne has also taken a prominent place in the heart of the Chinese.


 Mountain landscapes


Switz travel






The Alps

The country where you find the most beautiful mountains in Europe is Switzerland in the eyes of the Chinese. Indeed, the majority of Chinese who work in travel agencies are convinced that the Alps are only available in Switzerland.

Nowadays Switzerland is the country of reference for Chinese who want to ski !


 Switzerland Ski


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  1. I think you forget the most important reason that it has become a well visited destination in Europe: the commission that the tour guides and agencies get from the shops.

    1. Yes, it is. In fact, not only Switzerland, but also most other European countries use commission to lure the groups. I’ll probably talk about that in later article. But this article focuses more on the marketing solution used in China 🙂

  2. I would be interested how to target Chinese tourists/residents in investing legally into other parts of the world through our FAST approved method.

    We give clients access to stock markets and property without the hassle and restrictions usually applied for these types of diversification.

    Would this be something you would be interested in to discuss?

  3. I’m sorry, Switzerland has “no wonderful landscapes”????????? Wonderful landscapes is about all that Switzerland has.

  4. “Switzerland is a small country, without worldwide recognized monuments, no wonderful landscapes or beaches.”

    No wonderful landscapes, seriously? Have you ever been in Switzerland at all?

    Switzerland is very close to France (where the author is from, I suppose). I suggest he goes there have a look sometimes 🙂

    By the way, the Chinese tourists only represents a tiny fraction of the tourists going to Switzerland, far behind Germany, the UK, the US and even France (, so yes, in general Switzerland is a pretty “attractive” country for Europeans.

    1. Hi
      My meaning was no beaches Landscapes …
      After I put mountain Lanscapte. 😉

      No need to be mad.

      Switzerland is pretty attractive, but for Rich Chinese it is very attractive.

      And Yes, I am French and have been there 2times, but what is important is not what I think but how Switzerland communicate to attract Chinese Tourists.

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  6. The title of this article is how Switzerland attracts Chinese tourists yet it only talks about that in half the article so maybe you should change the title some

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