In China, there are now more than 630 million users and almost all use Chinese social networks. Indeed, they have become essential for doing business in China. Here social networks where you have to be present to do business in the field of ready to wear in China.

The ready to wear brands in China

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The online reputation is a necessity when one wants to do business in the field of fashion in China. The Chinese people look carefully online reputation of a brand before buying a product. In China, there are some poor quality products and there is also a lot of counterfeit products. So they carefully look for information before purchasing a product. They will not buy a product if the website has a bad online reputation or if they can not find the e-reputation of the brand. The online reputation can be made ​​through online fashion magazines, here Vogue or Elle Yoka, fashion history references for Chinese.



The online reputation is strongly maintained through online media (press relations). Press relations is to produce and distribute content, especially articles on the fashion brand, an interesting perspective to the user. Articles about news can be written, as well as consumer reviews, interviews and advice.


The Chinese, sensitive tips lending brands to wear!

Chinese consumers will love having all these things with the press relations, because they will find everything they are looking for before buying a product. The press relations can be made ​​on , and Yoka . These sites are widely used by Chinese people regarding the press relationship. If the Chinese people use these sites to get feedback about the products, they also like to have direct feedback on social media that they use every day.
There are people, called KOL Key Opinion Leaders who post things much about social media, which are really present and like to give their ideas and opinions.

Angela Baby, a major KOL on Weibo


Where do Chinese customers buy Fashion?

Chinese consumers are now buying their products on the platforms of e-commerce. E-commerce of the platforms are a trend in Chinese consumption. In fact due to a lack of confidence in some products, the Chinese people like to buy non-Chinese products. These purchases can be made ​​by online commerce platforms. The most powerful platforms Taobao and, two websites founded by Alibaba, the Chinese Web giant. They also make their purchases on brand sites, specialized e-commerce sites are very popular with fashion fashion precursors.
There is a habit in China, share online as their latest purchases. They share their applications WeChat & social networks, or weibo sharing platforms.

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Because they like to have comments, it is natural that they post comments themselves after they tried a product. They post these comments on the platforms of e-commerce as, and They also complement their purchasing shares by adding their experience with the product purchased. They will use social networks and share their experience, also to help their friends in their future purchases. The Chinese people love to share everything with their friends, and fashion products do not escape the contrary. The most used are WeChat: an instant messaging application that allows you to send text messages, voice messages, photos and videos and has a newsfeed.

They also use Weibo, a platform microblogging. Weibo is heavily used by KOL. This is one of the fastest ways to spread ideas. They also use other social media: meilishuo, douban , or the forum . Brands use the same social media to their reputation directly and indirectly. Directly with the content they put on sharing platforms, platforms, e-commerce, social networks, forums and blogs. Indirectly mean that they are posting anything: indeed it is the users who do it for them.
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