Middle East countries used to mystical to Chinese people, but with more and more of them stepping onto this vast land, there is much beauty to reveal. The growth numbers for the emirate, which is on track to reach the 20 million visitors a year target by 2020, are pretty much in sync with the global average. In Abu Dhabi, plans to attract 600,000 Chinese tourists a year by 2021 would represent a 265 percent increase on recent figures. China is Abu Dhabi’s largest overseas market, with recently released figures showing that 334,000 Chinese guests stayed there in 2017, a 63 percent increase on 2016.

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Nowadays, The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region gears up and aims to popularity, and now witnesses a boom in Chinese visitors. The main reasons the Middle East businesses can attract Chinese travelers especially rich ones link to many reasons, especially their hunger for exploring new territories rather than the beaten path and some favorable policies.

Chinese People Seek for a Unique and Extraordinary Travel Experience



As mentioned above, Chinese people seek for a unique or extraordinary travel experience or lifestyle, so compared to popular European countries or southeastern countries, they would like to seek a new adventure. Then Middle East countries offer them an excellent chance to share their amazing experience on their WeChat moments. By providing these picturesque opportunities, brands create free marketing opportunities for themselves via trusted consumers, without necessarily having to go through KOLs.

The reason Chinese travelers locate EASTs may want ‘real and authentic’ experiences, but not at the expense of luxury and total comfort. They are willing to pay for services- travel agents, fixers or online premium booking platforms- in order to have the absolute top-shelf experience. They want to hike in Patagonia, but they want 4x4s taking them to the best guesthouses, where star-lit gourmet dinners await them as they overlook the mountains. These services give travel brands a huge opportunity to provide upgrades and additional services to give the most authentic luxury experience.

More Convenient Flights between Middle East Countries and China

Long way travel, high flight fees and lack of flights probably are the main causes preventing Chinese people from traveling. With the market for jet-related industries in China estimated at $152 billion, according to ABACE data, and charter jet companies like Hong Kong-based Metrojet, VistaJet and China’s Star Jet offering easy access to private travel, the uptake in private jet charters across China are on the rise. Recent launches of refreshed First Class cabins on major Chinese airlines, and the arrival and growth of the five-star cruise industry are steadily redefining first-class travel.

Thirteen Chinese cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen, as well as Hong Kong and Taipei, are connected to Dubai with more than 100 weekly flights.

WeChat Makes Travel Easier


We are the top and most visible Web & Marketing Agency for China you will find on the web. Our Services: E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Advertising, Weibo, WeChat, WeChat Store & PR.


It is a good way that WeChat showcased its CityExperience Mini Program in partnership with Tourism Australia, VisitBritain and Dubai Tourism, aiming to enhance the overseas travel experience of WeChat users, while offering an interactive platform for the global tourism industry to better connect with Chinese travellers.

WeChat CityExperience is an effective platform for tourism boards, local attractions and merchants to address the growth and demands of travellers from China, leveraging the WeChat ecosystem.

The WeChat Mini Program CityExperience aims to help Chinese outbound tourists navigate the cities and learn about their cultures and histories from official sources of information, all from the convenience of a smartphone and the WeChat app. The programs were presented at the ‘WeChat Mini Program CityExperience Showcase’ event in Shanghai.

WeChat can provide wealth of communications functions in case of the inefficiency of the official website. It is important to realize that Chinese are more likely or easily to follow relative WeChat accounts or tags, and they can directly pay the bills through the WeChat Pay and check the location or sightseeing spots.


Trips to Middle East also can turn to Major Online Travel Service



Ctrip is one of the most popular and trustworthy website specifically for travelers travelling to foreign countries or domestic spots. And there is one crucial reason Chinese people can rely on it that it makes the Chinese visitors feel at home. It is important to Chinese people to feel like at home. China is a safe and peaceful country, they still want to feel like this way even out of the country land. It will win their trust and let them feel it’s worthy to expend such lots of money.

Furthermore, the hotels in Dubai are famous for their location, great amenities, the personalized service and more importantly Mandarin-speaking guest service. Armani Hotel Dubai’s GM, Mark Kirby, said “China, in particular Shanghai, is one of our most promising destinations that has tremendous potential to build our relationship with Chinese visitors.”

Collaborate with KOLs

Collaboration with KOLs is suitable for Chinese market due to the tendencies to follow the KOLs or some influencers in China. However it is not the best way to cooperate with the best Chinese KOLs instead of teaming up with people like designers, artists and also respected venues, whether a bar, restaurant, hotel or museum in China. Just to remember, to gain Chinese people’s credibility and trust first.


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